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Unfortunately it's currently not possible to directly embed videos from YouTube or similar platforms into the website and the wiki.

Here are some videos from Stendhal for you to enjoy.


Stendhal 1.00: a 3 minute introduction to the game

What's new in Stendhal 0.99

Stendhal Game website navigation.

Stendhal Game, a free open source morpg

Stendhal Game quests: Eonna seeks a hero


Venture out of Semos City going west to Gnome Village.

Stendhal's Travel Log: tracking quest progress.

Stendhal Game stats explanation: XP, Level, ATK, DEF and HP

Stendhal 0.79 Tutorial 2 part 1

Stendhal 0.79 Tutorial 2 part 2


Behind the scenes of a raid in Stendhal 1.00

The raid in fado battle grounds part 3


Stendhal Game: Contribute to an open source software project.

Archived Videos

Trading should now be done using the right-click Trade option and not the table