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Here are some videos from Stendhal for you to enjoy.


Stendhal 1.00: a 3 minute introduction to the game

What's new in Stendhal 0.99

Stendhal Game website navigation.

Stendhal Game, a free open source morpg

Stendhal Game quests: Eonna seeks a hero


Venture out of Semos City going west to Gnome Village.

Stendhal's Travel Log: tracking quest progress.

Stendhal Game stats explanation: XP, Level, ATK, DEF and HP

Stendhal 0.79 Tutorial 2 part 1

Stendhal 0.79 Tutorial 2 part 2


Behind the scenes of a raid in Stendhal 1.00

The raid in fado battle grounds part 3


Stendhal Game: Contribute to an open source software project.

Archived Videos

Trading should now be done using the right-click Trade option and not the table