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General Info

Highlevel admins can invoke scripts using the /script-command:

/script [-execute|-load|-unload] scriptname [params]

The default action is execute with simply executes the script. If you use load then all the modifications done by a previous invokation of this script are removed. You can remove everything a script did by invoking it with unload. execute is targeted at admins while load/unload is for developers. (But an admin may want to remove all summoned monsters in case some survived the raid and ran away).

As with every admin action, the invocation of scripts is logged. Do not abuse it.

Scripts and Parameters

Admin Signs

/script AdminSign.class zone x y text
Places a sign saying text in the zone at (x, y). The first three parameters can be "-" to place the sign next to the admin.
/script AdminSign.class list
Lists all signs created by admins
/script AdminSign.class del signnumber
Removes the sign with that number (see list)

Alter Quest State

/script AlterQuest.class player questname state
Manipulates the quest state of a player. Omit state to remove the quest.

Bet Manager

This Script summons an NPC who will collect and pay bets at a raid:

/script BetManager.class accept opponent1 opponent2 ...
Summons the NPC and let it accept bets on opponent1, opponent2, ...

Then players can bet by saying something like:

  • bet 50 ham on fire
  • bet 5 cheese on water
/script BetManager.class action
The game master started the action closing the betting time
/script BetManager.class winner opponent
After the game master has to tell the NPC who won:

The NPC will than tell all players the results and give it to winners:

  • mort bet 50 ham on fire and won an additional 50 ham
  • hendrik lost 5 cheese betting on water

Note: Betting is possible in "idle conversation state" to enable interaction of a large number of players in a short time. (The last time i did a show-fight i was losing count because there were more than 15 players)

Deep Inspect

/script DeepInspect.class player
Deep inspects a player and all his/her items and slots (except personal ones like !buddies and !ignore)

Drop Player Items

/script DropPlayerItems.class player [amount] item
Drop the specified amount of items from the player if they are equipped in the bag or body.

Entity Search

/script EntitySearch.class cname <creatureName>
Show the number of the specified <creatureName> respawn points for each zone.
Zones with zero are not shown
/script EntitySearch.class nonrespawn
Shows the locations of all creatures that don't respawn, for example creatures that were summoned by a GM, deathmatch creatures, etc.
Sheep and pets are ignored.
/script EntitySearch.class zname <partialZoneName>
Shows all zone names that contain <partialZoneName> and shows all the creature respawn points in each of those zones.

Fix DM

/script FixDM.class player
* If a player has killed all 10 creatures in deathmatch but the assistant is not giving victory, this script allows player to claim victory.
* The admin should check this is plausible then run the script. The player is then told they may claim victory. They will then gain their score and get the helmet increased, and the slot will be changed, just as though the assistant had got it right all along.
* If the player was lying or wrong, i.e. the state was "done" already, or non-existent, the script tells the admin who ran it and does nothing to player.
* If the player had bailed by mistake then the script sets the quest state to "done" so the player can leave when needed but the helmet must be fixed manually, as appropriate.

List NPCs

/script ListNPCs.class
lists all npcs and their position

Logout Player

/script LogoutPlayer.class player
disconnects a player from the game

NPC Shout

/script NPCShout.class npc text
npc shouts: text

NPC Shout to one Zone

/script NPCShoutZone.class npc zone text
npc shouts text to players in given zone. Use - in place of zone to make it your current zone.


/script Plague.class ringcount creature
summon a large numbers of creatures around you. Please note that ringcount must be below 3 in order to prevent the clients to die because of an OutOfMemoryError.

Where are the Players

/script WhereWho.class
Tells the game master where all the players are. This helps to decide whether to do a raid.

Portable Tavern Maid

/script Maria.class
Summons Maria, who sells food&drinks. Put her away after use, by teleporting yourself to int_admin_playground and executing the script again or use -unload

Reset Slot

/script ResetSlot.class player slot
Resets the named slot such as !kills or !quests or !features. Useful for debugging. Use with extreme caution on main server.

Server Reset

/script ServerReset.class
Use it in an emergency to shut down the server. If it is started in a loop, it will come back up otherwise it will stay down. If it is possible, please warn the players to logout and give them some time. Please note that it kills the server the hard way without doing a clean shutdown.