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Ideas about how GMs and developers can make life much interesting. Hope to see some of these ideas at Stendhal_Events page soon!

  • Simple but powerful idea: GM can summon somewhere public chest and place something into it. Useful for treasure hunting events mainly. Chest shall be destroyed after using or automatically after timeout occured.
  • Treasure hunting. Can be started by NPC shooting. GM create a note, place riddle on it and place note to public chest, or simply create sign; it can be even note/sign pointed to other note/sign etc with reward at the end.
  • GM can turn himself to evil NPC/monster, probably by stay ghost and control other NPC or monster. Better not to use just GM character, because of players killing him will get skulls over them.
  • GM can ask players for help, for example alter his geometry, call it curse and tell to players that he have plan to remove this curse. More cruel variant, change geometry of player instead. This player should be GM assistant in this case. Need to have outfit altered proportionally.