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Stendhal Atlas

Sometimes people have a very good idea but don't contribute it because they are afraid that creating a map is very difficult, that it may require a deep knowledge of computer programming. And other times people who know the ins and out of computer programming would like to create a map or change it but don't have a good idea how that can be done.

This page wants to bring people with different skills together to create new and interesting maps and changes to existing ones. Starting from the very first rough idea to an implemented map that is well tested, fun to play and interesting to explore.

If you are unsure about something, got lost, or just want to talk about Stendhal, please join #arianne and ask. This channel is really friendly and helpful.

Atlas development states

Early proposals

The part of Faiumoni that is seen in Stendhal is only a small part of the island, and this hand drawn world map illustrates what the rest of the world may look like. The yellow box around Semos village, city and Or'ril Castle indicates the state of the world at a much earlier version of Stendhal.

Expanded World

By June 2007, when Stendhal 0.60 was the current version, the world was a lot bigger and the expected eventual world size had also shrunk dramatically. The current state of the world at that time is inside the black box.

Current state and plans

We are improving existing maps, filling empty spaces and adding interiors where needed. We do not foresee great expansion as suggested in the past, we have seen that the world, simply, is big enough, and we want to focus on filling the empty spaces, improving the quality and adding quests and dungeons.

The following maps are currently in a reworking process. Any further changes should be published in IRC #arianne to make sure, that there won't be any coincidences.

Atlas development over time

Handdrawn world map, 2005
Stendhal 0.40 world status, December 2005
World plans in June 2007
Current world map

Naming maps

Please see Zone naming


Maps can have any size, but big maps use a lot of bandwidth on Sync perception, so we prefer smaller maps such as 128 x 128, that are big enough for the player to move on them without being a bandwidth waster.

On the other hand, if a map is not very visited we can use a big one like 256 x 128, or even 256x256, but keep in mind that if the zone gets crowded it will affect server bandwidth usage badly.

All outside maps and dungeon maps should be multiples of 64, ideally multiples of 128.

Interiors can be any size, see here for details on how the size of an interior should compare to how it looks from the exterior.

Maps needing work

We'd rather have existing maps fixed/decorated than add too many new maps, for now. Read on to find out how you can help.

Please add your name to maps you are working on, and score them through when you're done. You may ask in IRC #arianne first which map needs a rebuild or if someone is already working on some if you are not sure. The link is given on top of this page.


  • Interiors for Ados city. dine has created the buildings, just needs interiors. Please ask on IRC. In particular: a room for a spinnery, a weaving mill. BerserkerA3
  • plans for 0_ados_mountain_n2_w2 - below ground - may tie into current caves/tunnels below, but there will be a mine on sub level 2 -


  • Fado beer garden needs some light at night - lamps? and the blending layer (be careful with animation)
  • 10 20x20 interior rooms for tim's hotel. not lovers rooms. Please don't use special lover items like nice glasses or flower baskets sshk5 [done: 2] don't worry about this yet till we have a way to reserve rooms Kymara 04:15, 19 December 2007 (PST)




Magic city

has few interiors now. Could use more, with ideas for npcs and with stronger creatures inside (the current ones people don't go in if they only have mage elf or something, but they'd probably go in for a chaos sorceror!) remember to use creatures that are magicians, wizard, witch , priest, sacerdotist, healer or mage only. Oh and snarfkins which are the pets of wizards.

I added 4 more - house5 and house6 and clothing_boutique and flower_shop - needs NPC or creature inside. bleu made them Kymara



  • Create growing fields in orril mountain nw up against the natural boundries. this is to plant flower seeds and nearby will be a florist to purchase the harvested flowers or use Fleur and enable her to purchase

items. added 18.12.2010

Rat City

The Rat City is in -3_orril_dungeons. There could be made interiors for it. Ideas for useful/interesting NPCs to go inside will make it better. being worked on by Norien.


  • building(s?) in semos_plain_ne
  • Bleutailfly has made a skeleton for interiors for a tower for semos (i think it's meant to be for one of the ones on the ridges? as the one by mines is very narrow). They need decoration and stairs put in, and a purpose/story (like some NPCs who do somehting there.)
  • Plans for new high lvl creature to live in the empty circle portion of chaos area in map -1_semos_mine_n2_e2 - tigertoes
  • I enjoyed all the gardens in deniran, maybe semos and the area around it could have more detailed grass and plants and tree types? qwepss


  • the building at mine_nw 22, 109 and 27, 109 could need an interior
  • -2 semos mines w2 has a big empty square ... obviously the balrog needs a lot of space but still ... it's so geometric and barren bleutailfly

Some ideas collected from a look of 2007: - make houses like doghouses
- small buildings
- they like more soil than green
- they like maybe red soil
- crystals


  • Fixing any maps which add to the grid line appearance on the world map by softening the edges
  • Putting barriers (natural looking, if possible) at edges of the world so that the player is not fooled into thinking he can change zone

Unofficial / Already not officially approved Ideas


(description and history of Bramantos)
A Legend talks about this city. It's like the story of Babylon, but it is somewhat different. Citiziens of Bramantos were very scrooge and arrogant. They were so arrogant to think to be Gods, becouse their technology was very very advanced. But it is said that, one day, this arrogance was too much to be tollerated, so a giant earthquake buried the city downside the deepest part of the hell. Legend say also that citiziens are still alive but losing any kind of mind health so all tech knowledge they had was lost. Now they are probably strong like demons and walks together with them. Their power was highly increased by darkness.

(type of enemies)
Bramantos citiziens should be high-level but give low experience (becouse they strong due to darkness in the hell, but no experienced to give nice exp becouse they are mindless). Perhaps Bramantos city could be covered also with imps or other kind of demons. A place for those few high-level that doesn't find any challenging place

(a shot for bramantos archress)
Here a Preview of what kind of enemies they are (for testing reasons I included in my local pc as an NPC but don't take care about her name). In order to develop Bramantos units I am not using charas, but another source so I have to do some manual mods. The highest problem is that they appear as moving legs very very quick. Minor problem: they appear little taller than you


Important Notes

Check our non refactoring page about completed maps and maps half completed in the tiled editor
Stendhal Atlas

Even if you are an experienced map maker please take the time to check the two tiled tutorials for hints and tips and to avoid common errors. Particularly see the TroubleShooting sections and Zone naming conventions. They are at:

Finally if you want to check about how to add your maps to the world, and in particular proper use of portals, see

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