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This page gives an explanation about important items. You can view the complete list off all items on the Stendhal server website.

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Do not read further if you prefer true brave role playing and want to find out about the items all by yourself...


There are so many items in Stendhal that it is beyond the scope of this page to list them all, but if you want to read more or learn about a specific item, the best place to go is the server website items page.

This page simply gives a general introduction to some categories of items. Stendhal items include things like armor, food, potions and resources. (A list with statistics can be useful to know the items that populate Stendhal and their strengths.)

Since Stendhal 0.75 some items have a minimum required player level, which makes the item less effective for players below the level required by the item.


You can equip your player with helmet (leather helmet), leg (chain legs), shield (studded shield), boots (chain boots), cloak (cloak) and armor (scale armor). The most important one is the shield since its effect for protection is the highest. The second most important is armor for the corps.

The stronger you will grow the more and the better armor you will find in the corpse of killed monster, or you get it as a quest reward. You can tell how well a certain piece of armor will protect you from its Def attribute. The higher the Def value, the better is the protection.

Some types of armor will protect you better against specific kinds of attack, like "dark", "fire" or "ice" attacks. For example, an ice elemental performs ice attacks. With an ice armor you will better resist these. On the other hand, the ice armor will be worse against opponents that perform fire attacks.


They are used to attack your enemies. You can use all kinds of weapons. There are weapons for dogfight like clubs (club), axes (axe), swords (short sword) and for ranged combat such as bows (wooden bow) and (wooden arrow).

All Weapons have two attributes: Atk & Rate. Atk has influence in the damage the weapon can cause. The higher the Atk the more damage can be expected. The Rate describes the frequency at which this weapon can be used. The lower the Rate the higher the frequency of your attack.

Sometimes the Atk attribute is marked "dark", "fire", "ice" or similar. For most creatures this does not make any difference. However, some creatures can better resist specific kinds of attacks - or are specially vulnerable to those. For example, the ice elemental has 500% resistance to ice attacks, but only 50% resistance to fire attacks. That means, when attacking it with an ice weapon the actual damage caused will only be 1/5 of the normal value, whereas with a fire weapon the caused damage will double.

Some weapons such as chaos sword have also a lifesteal attribute. When you hit a monster you can gain that percentage of the damage as health.


Food can be used to heal your character. The first you will find in corpses of killed monsters is cheese. Just click on the food and use it. You can also find out, which stats the food item has with using "Look" on it.

You can find all kinds of food in Stendhal like button mushroom growing on the ground or sandwich which can be baked in the bakery.

Alice Farmer who is on vacation in Ados, together with her family, can inform you about several tasty meals you can let prepare by several NPCs all over Faiumoni. Just ask her about food and take the information you need. Producing food needs some time and other items. More information can be find on [[1]] too. Here you have the chance of moving through the NPC list of whole Faiumoni and figure out, what you need and who will help you. But take care: this page belongs to the more "spoilering" ones... If you don't want to get help outside from the game, don't take a look at it :)


Potions can be bought from Carmen in Semos or Dr. Feelgood west of Ados. They are also droped by some creaures like gnomes found in gnome village north-west of semos, stronger potions are droped by larger creatures like the green dragon.



Scrolls such as home scroll are used to get to famous places very quick. There are town scrolls for each town (ados city scroll, fado city scroll,...). You can find them in the loot of corpes or buy them at some npc's (Haizen,...).

Furtheremore you can get empty scroll's, which can be marked to any place in Faiumoni. The player who owns this marked scroll can come back to this position at any time.


Check the refactoring page if you want to know about some changes proposed for future releases.

If you modify the creatures and think it is good, send us the files:

  • creatures.xml if you modified a creature
  • items.xml if you modified an item
  • the image for the creature or item.
    Be sure to scale it to proper size using scale2x

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