Nine Switches


The nine switches game took place during the Semos Mine Town Revival Weeks in the north of Semos, close to the entrance of Semos Mines. Maltos, the nine switches gamemaster, showed up during the Revival weeks in 2010 and positioned his game for players on the ground.

In case you don't know the story, in 2006 Susi was captured on her way back from the Semos Mine Town revival party. She was missing for two years and there was no party during that time - all of Ados searched for her. In 2008, she was found aboard a pirate ship by players who had been defending Ados from a pirate attack. Now all heroes are celebrating that day each year.

Location: Semos Mines entrance



  • Single player.
  • Talk with Maltos first, he will give you a short introduction into the game.
  • The goal is it to make all arrows face the direction opposite of which they started.
  • Click/Tap to flip an arrow. Adjacent arrows will also be flipped.
  • Solve the puzzle within a minute to receive a reward.


  • a balloon to carry (if you aren't happy with the color, play again, it's free)

Repeatable: Immediately.

Only available during Mine Town Weeks revival.


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