Finding your way around the Stendhal Client Code

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Stendhal code design

Are you trying to find your way around the source code of the Stendhal client? Then you should continue reading here as it is going to be explained. This document expects that you have basic knowledge of Java and have already configured your Development Environment.

So, you can find the main client code in the package games.stendhal.client and some more dependencies in games.stendhal.common.


So lets have a look at the packages in games.stendhal.client:

package name purpose
actions actions triggered on the client (most of them are sent to the server for processing).
entity everything you can interact with in game (players, monsters, items, portals, ...)
events events are sent from the server to the client
gui the user interface including all dialogs, the main game window and views for the game entities.
sound sound and music
sprite handling of images for world objects and the user interface
update the automatic software updater