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Housing Information

The Housing Agents for Kalavan, Ados and Kirdneh has provided us with the following information for prospective house buyers:

  • Buyers must be recommended by the monarchy of Kalavan / the residents of Ados / the museum curator in Kirdneh
  • Requests from juvenile house buyers will not be entertained. You must have visited Faiumoni for at least 300 hours.
  • A new Kalavan house costs 100,000 money. A new Ados or Kirdneh house costs 120,000 money. For this price you receive:
  • A key
  • The ability to buy spare keys
  • A safe place to leave your sheep or pet (except for if server is restarted!)
  • A shared chest which anyone inside the house can place items in and get items out of
  • Each person may own only one house

The Housing Agent for Kalavan is Barrett Holmes, usually found walking around the city. The housing agent for Ados is Reg Denson, who has offices in the Ados Townhall. The Housing Agent for Kirdneh is Roger Frampton, and he works in Kirdneh Townhall. The Housing Agent for Athor is Cyk, he sunbathes on Athor beach.

You need to know the house number you want so you can ask the agent about it. Kalavan houses are numbered from 1 to 25. Kirdneh houses are numbered 26 to 49. Ados houses are numbered from 50 to 77. Athor holiday apartments are numbered from 101 to 108. The house number is on the front of the house, on a small sign. For example, the house below is number 21:


You can ask the Estate agent for each area what houses are available there. If none are available now, check back in a few weeks as houses get can be repossessed by the state or sold back to the state by the owner.


House Tax is 1000 money per 30 days payable to Mr Taxman in Ados townhall. You can check with him any time if you owe tax. If you pay over 30 days late then you get charged 10% interest. If you don't pay for 180 days then the house is repossessed, the locks are changed and anyone else can buy the house. The items you left in the chest remain there.

Spare Keys

Spare keys cost 1000 money each. You can give spare keys to your spouse or closest friends. Remember that anyone with a key has free access to your house, including items in your chest. Once you have bought a house you can buy spare keys for that house only.

You may end up carrying more than one house key. For example, if you own a house, and you have a friend who gives you a spare key to a house they own. But don't worry, you can still keep track of which key is which! Just Look on the key and you will see each has a number which matches the number of the house it unlocks, and the owner of that house.

House keys cannot be dropped if you die, so it's safe to carry them with you on your travel through Faiumoni.

Selling Houses

You can sell your house back to the house seller and regain some of the original cost (like 40%). As the original buyer retains the right to buy spare keys for his house, it is impossible to sell a house to someone else - you must sell it back to the estate agent, who will then change the locks. Remember to empty your chest first. Another player can then buy that house from the house seller.

If someone offers to sell you their house, they are cheating you, as they can still always buy keys themself. They should sell it back to the estate agent.


Houses are equipped with a chest which anyone who can access the house, can use. If you give someone a key to your house they can take the items from your chest, so be very careful who you give a key. You must also trust that they would tell you if they lost the key, so you could change the locks.

Changing Locks

This costs 1000 money from any estate agent and you get a new key for it. Any spare keys can be bought too. Your old keys won't work. You should change your locks if you think someone has access to your house who shouldn't.

Pets and Sheep

Most houses have sheepfood to feed your sheep if you bring him indoors. It is also a safe place to leave your sheep or pet - but not if the server is reset! We plan to fix this someday but till then, be careful about leaving pets in your house if the server might be reset.

House doors

Anyone can look at the door to see who owns the house, or if it is for sale. Someone outside can knock on the door which sends a message to the people inside the house.

Kalavan Houses

Below are detailed drawings of the inside of each house in Kalavan City. To see if one you like is available, ask Barrett Holmes about the cost of a new house and then tell him the number. He will check his records to see if the house is taken, or not.

House sketches
House 1 House 2
Int kalavan house 1.png Int kalavan house 2.png
House 3 House 4
Int kalavan house 3.png Int kalavan house 4.png
House 5 House 6
Int kalavan house 5.png Int kalavan house 6.png
House 7 House 8
Int kalavan house 7.png Int kalavan house 8.png
House 9 House 10
Int kalavan house 9.png Int kalavan house 10.png
House 11 House 12
Int kalavan house 11.png Int kalavan house 12.png
House 13 House 14
Int kalavan house 13.png Int kalavan house 14.png
House 15 House 16
Int kalavan house 15.png Int kalavan house 16.png
House 17 House 18
Int kalavan house 17.png Int kalavan house 18.png
House 19 House 20
Int kalavan house 19.png Int kalavan house 20.png
House 21 House 22
Int kalavan house 21.png Int kalavan house 22.png
House 23 More houses planned, watch this space!
Int kalavan house 23.png
Bigger houses (same low price!)
House 24 House 25
Int kalavan house 24.png Int kalavan house 25.png

Kirdneh Houses

Below are detailed drawings of the inside of each house in Kirdneh. To see if one you like is available, ask Roger Frampton about the cost of a new house and then tell him the number, from 26 - 49. He will check his records to see if the house is taken, or not. Note: Houses 36, 37, 42, 48 and 49 have 2 floors. Only the first floor is shown. Roger only sells to buyers he can trust, this means you must have completed the weekly quest for his friend Hazel in the museum. And not started another which you left unfinished!

House sketches
House 26 House 27
Int kirdneh house 26.png Int kirdneh house 27.png
House 28 House 29
Int kirdneh house 28.png Int kirdneh house 29.png
House 30 House 31
Int kirdneh house 30.png Int kirdneh house 31.png
House 32 House 33
Int kirdneh house 32.png Int kirdneh house 33.png
House 34 House 35
Int kirdneh house 34.png Int kirdneh house 35.png
House 36 House 37
Int kirdneh house 36.png Int kirdneh house 37.png
House 38 House 39
Int kirdneh house 38.png Int kirdneh house 39.png
House 40 House 41
Int kirdneh house 40.png Int kirdneh house 41.png
House 42 House 43
Int kirdneh house 42.png Int kirdneh house 43.png
House 44 House 45
Int kirdneh house 44.png Int kirdneh house 45.png
House 46 House 47
Int kirdneh house 46.png Int kirdneh house 47.png
House 48 House 49
Int kirdneh house 48.png Int kirdneh house 49.png

Ados Houses

Below are detailed drawings of the inside of each house in Ados City. To see if one you like is available, ask Reg Denson about the cost of a new house and then tell him the number, from 50 - 77. He will check his records to see if the house is taken, or not. Note: Houses 50 - 62 have 2 floors. Just like Zara's house, which is along the same row. Below we show only the ground floor, for brevity.

Ados houses
House 50 (ground floor) House 51 (ground floor)
Int ados house 50.png Int ados house 51.png
House 52 (ground floor) House 53 (ground floor)
Int ados house 52.png Int ados house 53.png
House 54 (ground floor) House 55 (ground floor)
Int ados house 54.png Int ados house 55.png
House 56 (ground floor) House 57 (ground floor)
Int ados house 56.png Int ados house 57.png
House 58 (ground floor) House 59 (ground floor)
Int ados house 58.png Int ados house 59.png
House 60 (ground floor) House 61 (ground floor)
Int ados house 60.png Int ados house 61.png
House 62 (ground floor) House 63
Int ados house 62.png Int ados house 63.png
House 64 House 65
Int ados house 64.png Int ados house 65.png
House 66 House 67
Int ados house 66.png Int ados house 67.png
House 68 House 69
Int ados house 68.png Int ados house 69.png
House 70 House 71
Int ados house 70.png Int ados house 71.png
House 72 House 73
Int ados house 72.png Int ados house 73.png
House 74 House 75
Int ados house 74.png Int ados house 75.png
House 76 House 77
Int ados house 76.png Int ados house 77.png

Athor holiday apartments

Below are detailed drawings of the inside of each holiday apartment of Athor. To see if one you like is available, ask Cyk about the cost of a new apartment and then tell him the number, from 101 - 108. He will check his records to see if the apartment is taken, or not. Note: Cyk only sells to buyers he can trust, this means you have to be an inhabitant of Faiumoni for at least 300 hours. He also just sells an apartment to you when you can proof that you are a real fisherman and got a license already.

House sketches
House 101 House 102
Holiday apartment 1.png Holiday apartment 2.png
House 103 House 104
Holiday apartment 3.png Holiday apartment 4.png
House 105 House 106
Holiday apartment 5.png Holiday apartment 6.png
House 107 House 108
Holiday apartment 7.png Holiday apartment 8.png