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Install Stendhal

Please see the Windows installation guide or the Linux installation guide.

Get a domain name

Your friends may already be able to connect to your server from the outside world. Give them your IP (if you don't know it, then tells you). They should use the IP address without http:// in front, i.e. in the form ###.###.###.###

There are various free providers for dynamic dns names, for example

Modify client

Tell users to use your domain name to log in Stendhal instead of

If you used a port other than the default port 32160 tell them that too.

You can also release a modified client, keeping in mind the GPL license.


Stendhal is the work of many people who spend a huge amount of their spare time on it. If you make changes to Stendhal, please contribute them.

Trouble Shooting

Disclaimer: You should only change advanced network settings such as router settings, firewalls and other security features if you really understand the risks. If you are using your family's Internet connection, get permission from your parents.

  • Perhaps you didn't configure your modem or router to have port 32160 open? Check that. Often you can modify your router settings by opening a web browser and typing in your local IP address. It will be something like .. try that or any 192.168.?.? with lowish numbers. If you get stuck on this step, open a command prompt and type ipconfig (for Windows) or ifconfig (for Linux/Unix), you should find out your internal router IP there.
If it asks you for a password and you don't remember ever setting one, the password is probably blank.
Open your ports by looking on your router set up page for something to do with virtual servers or indeed ports. It depends on the manufacturer of your router, how this looks. If you have more than one computer in your network you will have to tell the router which computer your server is running on (which means you need to know the internal IP of that computer.) You will need to tell the router to listen on port 32160, and direct users to the correct internal IP again on port 32160.
  • Perhaps you have a firewall blocking incoming connections? Check that.
  • Perhaps it is your Internet Service Provider which is blocking incoming connections? You can check that too. For example, service could check, if your Stendhal server port is available from the internet.