Stendhal Achievement Development

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Stendhal Achievements

How to add achievements to the game?

TODO: describe the steps towards adding new achievements

  • Conditions
  • Tracked data
  • How to check for new reached achievements?
    • Quests needs manual work
    • item looting, zone changes trigger automatically achievement checks

Development Idea Collection

Within this section you find ideas and concepts on initial development of achievements.

Collecting Ideas

  • collect more achievement ideas and nice titles at Stendhal Achievement Ideas
    • gives hints for further design decisions
    • can help structuring achievements into categories
  • should fulfilling an achievement be rewarded?

Client and Website

  • Should achievements be visible within the game? (low prio)
    • look action on player could be extended by a title based on the amount of fullfilled achievements
  • Website should be extended with a hall of fame section on achievements
    • calculate a score on difficulty of an achievement (killing x rats gets less points than reaching max xp for example)
      • basic score for each achievement
      • actual score for each reached achievement = basic score / number of players having reached that achievement
    • display medals on character pages; different colours or design in relation to the calculate point
  • Have a log about recently reached achievements on the website? (i.e. player has reached Junior Explorer achievement)
    • Add reaching achievements to recent events page
  • Have a audio notice when someone reaches an achievement?

Design Ideas

There are several things to consider when developing the achievements handling.

Database and Class Model

  • database table(s) to display achievements on website
    • table for achievment types? maybe not needed, strings could be applied in the reached achievements table
    • table for player has reached achievement
    • possible class model draft and a corresponding table draft


    identifier VARCHAR,
    title VARCHAR,
    category VARCHAR,
    description VARCHAR,
    base_score INTEGER,
CREATE TABLE reached_achievement IF NOT EXISTS (
    charname VARCHAR,
    achievement_id INTEGER,

Ingame tracking and checking

  • check if player has fulfilled an achievement
    • "polling" every x turns via TurnListener, but could be a bad idea as checking might be expensive approach discarded --Madmetzger 07:20, 29 July 2010 (UTC)
    • "telling" when to check, similar to tutorial events or when raising game events (we have possibly the type here)? approach discarded --Madmetzger 07:20, 29 July 2010 (UTC)
    • store reached achievements as string set in player object: load reached achievements from database on login into a volatile set in player object
    • how to store progress for a certain achievement?
      • using a map?
      • key = achievement name, value progress value? statistics should be tracked for everything that might be checked for an achievement --Madmetzger 07:20, 29 July 2010 (UTC)
      • add data recording that can be checked
  • find a way to conveniently add new achievements using ChatConditions and the factories makes it easy to add new achievements
    • loading system for achievements like stendhal quest system? AchievementNotifier loads achievements on initialization
    • building block system using existing ChatConditions Achievements use the ChatConditions for checking stuff
      • categorized by type of event to determine what to check, i.e. killed x creatures of type y condition should only be checked when having killed a creature but not on looting an item already implemented by categorizing achievements and checking only the right category at each event
Quest Achievements
  • number of finished quests already tracked
  • repeatable quests should all count the completions of a player
  • missing counting: Elf Princess Quest (more missing?)
  • finished x times a quest already implemented
Item Achievements
  • looted items should be tracked in a map for each player with key item name and value number of loots
  • looting items (not yet tracked)
  • putting items into bank (not yet tracked)
  • collected x items
  • looted certain collection of items
Fighting Achievements
  • killed creatures already tracked
  • killed creature without a weapon
  • killed x creatures already implemented
  • killed x of y different creatures --> is extension of existing condition possible?
Zone Achievements
  • for zone visit achievements, how to check them:
    • hardcoded list of zones to visit for the achievement hardcoded zone name lists don't seem to be maintainable
    • exclude all zones including "house", "apartment"
    • zones starting with "int" are interiors, region is within zone name zones have a method isInterior() to check
    • zones starting with a number >-1 are above ground, region is within zone name exterior zones have a method getLevel()to check
    • zones starting with a number <-1 are below ground, region is within zone name exterior zones have a method getLevel()to check
    • use zone level attribute, area is in name/xml file, and add a flag to zone xml for accessibility to all players implemented