Stendhal Development Meeting 2011-08-09

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Meeting 2011-08-09

Number of characters per level: Note this diagram is not cleaned, so it includes banks chars and other clones

On 2011-08-09 we had a development meeting to discuss the situation of new users. We tried to discover what are their issues to improve their experience.


We do have quite good logging about what happens in the world. But just reading the logs does not help to understand what issues new players have, it's too much data. This meeting was very helpful because we gathered a number of thesis that we are able to verify or reject based on the logs. For all the thesis that turned out to be true, there are entries on the tracker in the list below.

For the sake of completeness here are the thesis that were rejected by the logs:

"The bag is too small, new players don't know what items to keep."
Most new player pick up less than 7 items before they quit for good. The bag can store 12 types of items.
"New players get demotivated by being player killed."
Most new players quit before dying once. If they die, they are killed by creatures. Deatch may even be good because it makes the game more exciting.
"New players get demotivated by being ninja looted."
This does not happen to new players.

Note: While they are not true for new players, they may be valid for players above level 10. Especially expanding the number of items a player can take around with him by adding containers is on the wishlist.


Based on the complete chat log we create the following list of tasks to improve the experience for new players:

<tracker> 3382964 3341995 3271961 3167777 3309435 3309410 3309406 3389798 3389800 3389801 3389802 3389804 3389805 3389809 3389812 3389814 3389815 3392613 3392614 </tracker>

Note: Feel free create new entries or to add comments to existing ones. The user interface is a bit confusing. In order to add a comment, you have to click onto the word "Comments" which looks like a caption.