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Both the web client and Java client (as of 1.43) have emoji support. To display an emoji simply type the associated character sequence (without any other text) into the chat input. Or press the emoji button and select from the character map (currently Java client only):

Emoji charmap javaclient small.png

This is a partial list. For all available emojis & aliases see here. Available emojis can also be listed with the /emojilist command in the client.

  • Emoji angermark.png :angermark:
  • Emoji astonished.png :astonished:
  • Emoji confounded.png :confounded:
  • Emoji confused.png :confused:
  • Emoji cry.png :cry:
  • Emoji expressionless.png :expressionless:
  • Emoji frown.png :frown:
  • Emoji frownslight.png :frownslight:
  • Emoji grin.png :grin:
  • Emoji happycry.png :happycry:
  • Emoji heart.png :heart:
  • Emoji heartarrow.png :heartarrow:
  • Emoji heartbroken.png :heartbroken:
  • Emoji joy.png :joy:
  • Emoji neutral.png :neutral:
  • Emoji rolledeyes.png :rolledeyes:
  • Emoji savor.png :savor:
  • Emoji smile.png :smile:
  • Emoji smileinvert.png :smileinvert:
  • Emoji smileslight.png :smileslight:
  • Emoji smilingeyes.png :smilingeyes:
  • Emoji sweat.png :sweat:
  • Emoji tongue.png :tongue:
  • Emoji wink.png :wink:
  • Emoji winktongue.png :winktongue: