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Stendhal Quests


by Bluelads4

Caroline opened her new tavern some time ago. Now she thinks about opening a catering service for several customers all over Faiumoni. Therefore she needs some food by players to create special dishes who she will bring on a plate and will give it to the player after for collecting it to the customer.



Suggested reward


  • food (just suggesting that)
  • xp
  • karma


  • all 7 days?


Quest steps:

  • Player asks Caroline for a quest
  • Caroline tells the player which customer wants her to create a plate of food and what she needs for it.
    • plates could be vegetable plates with tomatoes, leek, salad, carrots and other stuff in that direction, meat plates with ham, sausages, meat and maybe fish plates like with some kind of fishes. (Maybe it would be nice to create new items for the plates)
  • Caroline prepares the plates and need some minutes for one (maybe hours, cause it needs long in real life too)
  • She passes the finished plate to the player for bringing it to the customer
  • Player returns to Caroline and gets a reward (could be a mix of food, like rests from her cooking (she can't count good cause she just started her business and has to learn it, so she possibly has some food over each time in a random amount)

The quest could be made as repeatable with changing customers. As examples of these, the following NPCs might need some help with food:

  • Stefan in Fado hotel, cause he is alone there and busy
  • Margaret in Semos tavern
  • a maybe new npc in Nalwor tavern?
  • Hazel cause she can't prepare food for herself cause she has to take care of the museum but she plans a party with friends and needs some
  • Maybe the ados tavern

... and so on.


What are the NPCs going to say?

Discussion and Comments