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Stendhal Quests


idea from Kymara 11:23, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

An NPC might ask you to get a 'coded' message from another NPC and then tell it back to him. The message should be randomised each time for each player, and it's repeatable.

From an implementation point of view, I thought that the message can be composed of parts like: object; description; location, e.g.:

The banana rests in the fireplace (The banana; rests in; the fireplace)
The swallow is rising from the hole (The swallow; is rising from; the hole)
Elvis has left the building (Elvis; has left; the building)

So mix these up to get:

Elvis rests in the building.
The swallow has left the building
The banana is rising from the fireplace

and the full message can be stored in the quest slot to be matched to what the player reports, or it can be stored in parts.

I thought one of the NPC can be in the dungeons maybe, so it's a quest to send players to dungeons. (From Semos, say, Nomyr Ahba ?)


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get...


  1. first the players does this
  2. second the player is asked to do that



What are the NPCs going to say?

Discussion and Comments

We need to be careful with the link between verb and location. E. g.

Elvis; has left; in the fireplace
  • I think, I fixed that by moving the preposition into the second part. --Hendrik Brummermann (talk) 21:25, 10 August 2014 (CEST)