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Stendhal Quests


A troublesome customer is sitting at one of the tables in Fado's Hotel Restaurant. He's quite upset because no one is giving him any attention and he might mistakenly think that the player is one of the waiters. He calls up the player and after complaining loudly about the lousy service, he will ask for a special meal.

Easy implementation: The troublesome customer will place an order choosing one entry from both a main course and a dessert list.

       a) main course
           fish pie
           fish soup
       b) dessert
           ice cream
           fairy cake
           some more sweety 

Complex implementation: The troublesome customer has a list of exotic (not necessarily ingame) gourmandries with fancy names and will place an order by choosing an entry from both of a main course and a dessert list. After receiving the order, the player will need to check back to the busy chef and he will ask for the necessary resources to prepare the specialties. Once ready, the specialties will have to be delivered to the troublesome customer for receiving the reward.

       a) main course, i.e.:
           paella de pescado (require some fish, rice(!), onion, garlic, chicken)
           lasagne alla bolognese (require flour, meat, tomato, cheese, onion, carrot)
           jaegerschnitzel (require ham, meat, mushrooms, cheese, potato(!), milk)
           consommè du jour (require sclaria, kekik, chicken, meat, carrot, onion, leek)
       b) dessert, i.e.:
           macedonia di frutta (require pear, apple, cherry, banana, ice cream)
           crepes suzette (sends you to ratcity chef, Gaston)
           apple or cherry pie (sends you to Martha or Gertha)


 Busy Chef (Stefan?)
 Troublesome Customer (To be introduced)

Suggested reward

 The quicker the request is satisfied, the better the reward...
 Appropriate XP and Karma, some common supplies (butter, eggs, flour...)
 Appropriate XP and Karma, useful uncommon supplies, rare ingredients...


  1. first the players does this
  2. second the player is asked to do that



What are the NPCs going to say?

Discussion and Comments

Elaborate food will require uncommon or rare ingredients and currently missing ones could be introduced as dropped loot by appropriate creatures, i.e.:

  • rice, corn (frogmen, cannibals, earth elementals)
  • vinegar (kalavan wisewomen, cannibals)
  • olive oil (kalavan housewives, cannibals)
  • paprika (orcs, gnomes)
  • curry (dwarfs, elfs)
  • potatoes, olives, pinto beans, cabbage (boars, kalavan peasants)