Stendhal Quest Ideas/Helping Imorgen and Her Grandma

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Stendhal Quests


Imorgen, the young witch who lives in a small hut in Fado forest together with her grandma Mircea, needs some help by players for saving her family from werwolve and vampire attacks. Therefore she wants to brew a powerful potion but forgot the receipe. While she is worried about her grandma, who lays ill inside of her hut,Imorgen waits for a hero who brings her the receipe and ingredients for the potion and rescues her family with that.

by Bluelads4


  • Imorgen
  • Mircea
  • Cameron (currently in coding process around Constantines Villa idea!)

Suggested reward

  • xp
  • karma
  • New magical scrolls for removing marks from marked scrolls? (randomly)

Repeatable all 2 weeks


  • Ask Imorgen for a quest, she will send the player to get some soup and tea for her grandma
  • Player brings soup and tea to Mircea
  • Imorgen needs the receipe for the potion
  • Player has to get it after solving a tiny quest by Cameron in Constantines Villa
  • Returning the receipe to Imorgen after solving Camerons quest
  • Imorgen now needs the ingredients which are named on the receipe (herbs, fruit, lionfish etc.)
  • Player has to bring the ingredients to Imorgen
  • Imorgen rewards the player


  • several herbs, water, vampirette entrails, lionfish, garlic, bananas, horsetail
  • Recipe will be handed out by Cameron after solving his tiny quest (after bringing it once to Imorgen, the player can repeat the quest after 2 weeks without taking it again there)


Dialogues are currently in a working process, also related to Constantines Villa ideas.

Discussion and Comments

Bluelads4 will work on that in relation to Constantines Villa