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Stendhal Quests

by Storyteller, after own ideas and after an idea on


There is a maiden you have to protect. She wants to go from place A to place B, but is afraid she could be attacked by creatures or robbers. After you accepted to guard her, she walks on her path. Suddenly there arrive many enemies and try to kill her. You have to kill the enemies and protect her, so she reaches her destination with more than 10 HP.

If her HP drops below 10 HP, she faints and the enemies attack you. After she wakes up again after some minutes, she walks back and has to heal herself again until she dares to go on the way again.

If you guide her to her destination with minimum 10 HP, she will give you a reward.

The next player can guard her back in half an hour. You can guide her again in a week.


a maiden; has to be created

Suggested reward

Free full healing, XP


  1. The player asks the maiden for a quest
  2. She asks the player to guard her on her way
  3. The player accepts the quest
  4. The maiden walks on her path from A to B
  5. There attend creatures who target and attack the maiden
  6. The player has to kill the creatures to protect the maiden
  7. The maiden has to reach her destination with a minimum HP of 10
  8. The player gets his reward


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