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Stendhal Quests



This quest will allow you to do magicly increase your skills, thank of a powerfull enchantment.


Various - not decided exactly who... probably 3-4 NPC will be involved


On successful completion the player shall get xp points applied to skills.


  1. steps will be explained in future, be partient
  2. minlevel required will be probably 50
  3. quest can be repeated... probably after 3 days


Dialoghi ancora non pubblicati

general design

As you can see I didn't reveal exactly the structure of the quest. Basicly the general idea is this: There is a powerful magician that is able to increase power of heroes(atk/def). You must pay him and give him all items and magic sources he needed in order to complete the task.

"magic sources" will be casted by other magicians, requiring to collect other ingredients... most powerful magic sources will require more ingredients than the less powerful (or basic) ones. Depending of power of "magic source" you can cast more than once a time or you could be forced to cast one-by-one.

pre-Development IDEA

After giving the global idea, I need co-operation of admins in order to collect some infos. Before developing the code for an idea that will be dropped (unlike Ados Gym, where I did the code , but I never submitted it becouse the idea wasn't so pleased).

IN this first PRE-DEVELOPMENT step I need to know, more or less, the skill statistics about players in game, for different level. I cannot do the query myself so I ask to developers, when they have time, to collect those datas in order to avoid that the "magician task skill upgrade" will unbalance the game, but that it can be reach its own purposed (explained privately to hikeru).

No rush for that! I actually haven't free time too. The true development probably will not start before some months. For every step I will probably need other opinions (by players and by devs) in order to make it enough balanced. I will leave an empty field here called "skill statistics collected" for developers, if they will have time to collect this data. Discussion page can be used, in the meantime, to collect suggestions by every active player --Nobun

skill statistics collected

This space is for developers only. Please don't edit it if you are not a developer or someone who can access stendhal database and post results

Discussion and Comments