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Stendhal Quests


A NPC questioning(riddling) how many creatures of one specific kind player has killed yet.


Player 1 NPC named "Crearid" (short for creature riddle) [alter if you want :P] a minimum amount of creatures must have been killed before using npc-riddle.

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get XP - on exact answer even more XP Reward should be leveled like the Semos Daily Monster Quest. Expanding XP - and not too less -> because this is not easy riddle ;) Only repeatable once a day (week/month?? - as you want)


  1. first the players speaks to npc
  2. second the player is asked how many creatures he has killed of XXX yet (see below)
  3. player is rewarded if +-2% or equal to the right amount


user: "hi" ->

npc alternitive if not killed 1000 creatures yet: "Hi. You are two weak for my riddle. Want a balloon?" -> bye :D

npc alternitive 2 "Hi. You are a real killer. Would you like to have a fast quiz?" - maybe a short explanation should be added here or riddle #rules or something.

if user "no" -> bye if user "yes" -> bot: "Guess how many <rats> you have killed yet at all." <rats> is just a random creature the character has killed before.

if user "haha" -> npc: "haha is not a number. try again."

if user "23" -> npc responses if amount is within +-2%: "The right number would be: *** - That was very close. -> XP

npc responses if amount is not within +-2%: "Sorry - this is not close enough. Try again!" (up to 3 guesses the character got here -> after that only can repeated the next day . . npc will bye)

npc responses if amount is exactly this number: "Superficial! EXACTLY RIGHT!!!" -> XP XP XP XP XP

Discussion and Comments

[[[Still need this **!*$ *&$$* ultrarare §$§*%%* vampire cloak. HELP MEEE pliz :P Also killed more than 240 vapirettes yet :P Drivin me nutzz^^]]]