Stendhal Quest Ideas/The Unorganized Vault

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Stendhal Quests


The bank in fado has a huge vault, where lots of old chests from very old players are still retained. Over the time the vault became more and more filled, but less organized. So the poor bank manager of Fado Yance always has trouble when the old generation returns to Faiumoni to retain their possessions.


Suggested reward

  • Experience
  • Money
  • Some special reward not sure yet, which one. Maybe a small stats boost, as pushing chests could fit to "training your body"


  1. Player comes to Yance and asks for task
  2. Yance asks player to rearrange the chests in his vault
  3. If player accepts, he can go through a special portal which sends him to a personal version of the vault (Maybe we should set up different vaults, from which the actual vault is randomly chosen.

Discussion and Comments

  • The idea is to have another small showcase for pushable blocks.