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Stendhal Quests

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"by crusader"

After u reach lvl 300-500 (this quest limit lvl your choice) u get a message like an announcement from the mayor of semos.You talk to him and he tells you about a rare book hidden in the depths of hell but he only knows it is hidden in a locked room guarded by 2 balrogs (your choice gms for a monster but remember ultimate weapon quest!!!). Then he speaks about the museum that maybe someone from there knows the content of where is this key.

You go to kirdneh cause the museum is there and (i can't remember NPC name that gives u quest there >.<) she says to you that the book is torn in pages around the world (now i would make an item called a shovel cause this quest would be from beginning more like treaure hunting) so she tells u 1 piece is in the hands of ados mayor.You go to him and say hi then he respond and u mention the book of the lich. 1st he wants to see if you are worthy and tells you to hunt ( i would put the meanest monsters here) 5 golden dragons 3 giant spiders 2 black dragons and 1 angel (u can change it if u want instead of angel i would put black death).Ta-da u kill them return then the mayor says:" You are worthy of the book but beware that it doesnt fall in the hands of the dark force. You get the 1st page and in it is a riddle where the 2nd one might be(now u need the shovel and patience + inteligence ;)).

After u find the 9 pages you find out that in the 10th page is a map of wereabouts of the sky pillar and where is the key to the hell's secret room p.s. thats where the 10th page is. Ok so after you get the key you go to hell (i like saying that to the ppl i hate xD) and just so you dont avoid the guards and go directly to the room there will be a seal guarding you from entering until you kill both guards. You go in get the 10th page and u find the coordinates or a map will popout where to get to the sky pllar p.s. u need all 10 pages of the book cause it will like teleport you to the sky pillar when u get to that spot of the map ( and be prepared cause it will be 8 floors like a maze + monsters are high lvl in there ^^).When you get to the last floor(8) there will be 2 black dragons 2 balrogs and 2 angels (but angels are in next room above guarding the npc).And you get to the npc named the lich king (though it sounds from WoW this name will only fit right to the quest unless you can find a better one)and he tells he can fell that you are a warrior who can master all the elements and if u want the liches weapons that you have to bring him 1 of every weapon and armor that has element( this means 1 fire armor 1 water armor etc etc and for weapon either).After you bring him every weapon and armor you will get: 500000 exp, dual lich king swords and 100 mega potions

p.s. This quest has to be done alone cause you wont be able to do anything so hope that you dont get ks or anything GL ;)


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

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