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Stendhal Quests


A monthly quest for increasing karma the idea is to give a solution to 3 things:

- the flowers

- the fights of player vs player

- the new paeceful map done, hidden in the forest, called nalwor 0 e (or something like that)

The idea is give reward to the one who collect all the kinds of flowers and takes them there. Flowers increase the sensivity, so also karma. the player who makes quests and have high karma feels good, so his karma is increased x 2. low karma, low increase. zero karma, zero increase. negative karma, negative increase. the player who "trains" has low karma, so the increasing is braked by the guilty sensation of attack to others. happens that because having feelings is a double edge sword. if you do bad things, when you are sensible you can understand what you are done and you discover that you feel guilty. when a player has killed or has a negative karma, become sensible (that happens when collecting all flowers and doing the quest) feels very guilty and also is seen on the karma, that becomes lower. the needing of make quests and help others is then increased, as a way to feel forgiven by good tasks. Then, the idea is also to give more presence to karma in the fights of player vs. player, so players who dont use to train, make quests and dont attack others have advantage over those who train and kill all the day. The higher karma guy is more relaxed, more sure about him, more fair, so that should be seen on the fight. instead of that, the fact of fighting always pulls down the karma. a good guy that suddenly becomes fighter also sees how attacking makes him feel worse. the end utility of this quest is to improve the players behaivour on the game. would be monthly. is not either needed to make this quest another way of continued training. you need to prepare and cultivate a good behaivour for a few days to take the prize of the quest.


maybe the sister of rose leigh or something like that. something linked to her.

Suggested reward

karma is increased x2. if is negative, goes double negative. if is positive, double positive. if is 0, just 0. monthly quest.


  1. first the players collect all the flowers
  2. second the player takes them to the npc


npc could say: do you like flowers? i like a lot. their shiny different colours make me feel stronger what i feel yet. puts myself more on contact with my inside. Have you tryed anyways? bring me all the kinds of flowers of faimoni and as soon as you see all of them together, you will see how your feelings and connection with yourselve is stronger. that will help you to improve

Discussion and Comments

  • Please rewrite this to focus on the quest itself and not on the reward. --Hendrik Brummermann 23:07, 19 April 2012 (CEST)