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We added a framework to Stendhal for translated texts, however it was removed because all those who had suggested translation and started on it, did not complete the translation (it is a very big job). So it wasn't being used. If there's a use, we'll add it again.

If you would like to start on translating Stendhal, we'd suggest that you begin with the texts (descriptions, names?) in items/*.xml and creatures/*.xml

Instead of editing the original English files, what you need to do is create a file for the translation which contains a line for each translation in the format@

english text=translated text

e.g. using German as an example, create a file named and that should contain

You see a blunt knife which looks capable of little damage.=Du siehst ein stumpfes Messer das so aussieht, als ob es nur wenig Schaden anrichten kann.
.. etc

After that you might move onto the texts that NPCs say, which are coded in Java files in the source.

Before starting that larger task, you might want to test that our framework works as you expect, so please contact us on #arianne for details on adding the translation framework, once you have tried translating items and creatures using the format suggested above.