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Testing Stendhal is not only fun, it's also very important because it can solve problems before releases. If you find any problems or need help with testing please ask at #arianne. If you have found a bug, feel free to submit a report directly.

We have a dedicated test server on Port 32100. It is refreshed with new code and a new copy of the real database once a day. You can login with your normal account, if it is a least one day old.

You may need a test client. Please note that the test client will not update automatically. Just save the file, extract it into a new folder, then double click the stendhal-starter.jar.

Testing Key:

: please test {{Test|}}
: ok {{Test|ok}}
: not ok {{Test|nok}}
: please test text {{Test||text}}
: text ok {{Test|ok|text}}
: text not ok {{Test|nok|text}}

Residual Issues from Previous Releases


  • New ConditionalStopAction class:
    • Used to stop player movement via keypress when client input loses focus to prevent uncontrolled walking: ef21dc6 : not ok (Antumdeluge: keypresses still not flushed; fix committed)
    • Character should continue walking if focus is lost only if other methods for movement are used:
      • Path is set using mouse click. : ok (AntumDeluge)
      • Auto-walk is active. : ok (AntumDeluge)
    • Fix for Player Continues Walking When Client Loses Focus
    • BUG: Using teleclickmode causes player to continue walking after teleport. : ok (AntumDeluge: fixed)


Some bugs to look for:

  • Do pets get stuck at any point, and Forget how to follow owners?
  • Do any items go to waste when they go to drink or eat them?
  • When baby dragons grow into adults they can get stuck in walls. : not ok
  • Testing new Pet features
    • leveling up (needs -Dstendhal.petleveling=true property set). : please test
      • Should not be able to walk through walls. : not ok (AntumDeluge: okay, but pets can walk over chests)

New/Replaced Entity Images

Combat Animations

Attack animations using following natures:

  • ice (no axes currently):
    • sword : not ok (AntumDeluge: pixels extend out of frame)
    • club : not ok (AntumDeluge: pixels extend out of frame)



  • Execution:
    • Replaced "Alt. + direction" with double press direction key to initiate. : not ok (AntumDeluge) BUGGY: Delayed direction release seems to interfere so does not always initiate.

Enemy Drops

  • pegasus drops 1 mithril armor at 0.9% probability. (requires -Dstendhal.testserver=junk setting to summon rare creatures) : ok (tigertoes - no armor drop with over 200 creatures)

Altered Quests

Tests for Christmas Release

New/Replaced Sprites

New/Replaced Tilesets

Tests Specific to the Next Release

You can use a 1.28 release client to logon to test server, but if you want to test the 1.28.5 client you can do so.

It is helpful to also use the test client to play on the main, release, server. Playing normally with the 1.28.5 client could help us uncover new client side bugs, so long as any bug reports make it clear which version of client you use and which server you are playing on.

Bug Fixes

  • Players continue walking if mouse click used to change zones while "continuous movement" is enabled. (fixed in commit 6442456) : please test
  • <NPC "maltos" not found> removes outfit_org attribute after winning balloon if player is wearing temp outfit/costume. (requires Mine Town Weeks to be active) : please test
  • Enemies never drop max amount of an item if min & max values are different. (fixed in commit 2b069c9) : please test

Client Fixes

  • If player is wearing a temporary outfit/costume, outfit dialog will now display original outfit when opened instead of naked character. : please test

New Items


  • insulated ring:
    • 66% chance of preventing shocked status when worn on the finger. : please test
    • Dropped by:
      • gashadokuro @ 5% probability. : ok (tigertoes - 4 drops in 100 deaths)


  • training bow:
    • Purchased from Chester in archery range.
    • Designed to be used in archery training area, but can be used anywhere.
    • Stats:
      • RATK: 1
      • RANGE: 3
      • RATE: 1
    • Breaks after 150 successful uses. : not ok (tigertoes - breaks after 149)

New/Replaced Entity Images

New/Replaced Enemy Images

New/Replaced NPC Images

New/Replace Misc Images

Admin Commands

  • inspect command output now includes outfit information:
    • For entities with outfit attribute, outfit code is displayed. : please test
    • For other entities, image name (class) is displayed. : please test
  • DeepInspect script output includes entity's absolute position in world. : please test
  • ListZones script (new) lists names of all registered zones. : please test
    • Usage: /script ListZones.class [filter]
      • If "filter" is used, only matching zone names will be returned.


A new stat has been implemented call RATK, or range attack. This stat now defines the strength of weapons & enemies that attack from a distance. Previously, to calculate range attack strength, the melee ATK stat was used.

(please keep an eye out for enemies or items that should be using RATK but may have been missed)

RATK: Items

These weapons now use the RATK stat in place of ATK. Strength values should not be different than in previous versions, so as not to change the difficulty of the game. However, players using ranged weapons will no longer have the same strength while using those weapons for close up melee attacks:

RATK: Enemies

These enemies now use RATK to calculate their ranged attack strength instead of ATK. ATK is used to calculate strength when enemy is next to target. Note that RATK is currently identical to ATK for all enemies so that difficulty does is not changed:

New Areas

  • Archery range: : ok (tigertoes)
    • Found in south-eastern corner of 0_nalwor_forest_n.
    • Can be accessed through -1_nalwor_caves.
    • Players can only access the training area by speaking with Chester.

New NPCs

(prices, time limits, & level cap are suggestions, changes can be discussed)

  • Chester:
    • Manages the archery range for assassins.
    • If player has assassins id:
      • Can be granted access to archery training area to train at a fee of 10,000 money. : ok (tigertoes)
        • Players can train for up to 15 minutes at a time. : ok (tigertoes)
        • Training session time remaining is saved at logout & restored at login. : ok (tigertoes)
        • Once session is over, players must wait 6 hours to train again. : please test
        • Players whose RATK level is 80 or higher can no longer access training area. : ok (tigertoes)
      • Can check prices on blackboard. : ok (tigertoes)
      • Can buy the following items:
        • wooden arrow @ 4 money. : ok (tigertoes)
        • wooden bow @ 600 money. : ok (tigertoes)
        • longbow @ 1,200 money. : ok (tigertoes)
        • training bow @ 4,500 money. : ok (tigertoes)

New Achievements

New Zones

  • int_semos_school_0 : ok (AntumDeluge)
    • Can be accessed via new building in 0_semos_plains_n.
    • Need Fixed:
      • Butterfly's path is blocked in 0_semos_plains_n. : not ok

Standard Tests

  1. Move around
  2. Use double click on main screen to walk
  3. Use double click on Minimap to walk
  4. Use auto key focus to walk and stop walking
  5. Collide with something
  6. Collide with objects
  7. Check that your Minimap, Settings Panel, Bag, Keyring, Buddies list and Character Window appear correctly
  8. Use Look, /tell, /who, Attack and Stop Attack
  9. Use Set Outfit
  10. Use admin *Destroy, *Inspect and *Alter
  11. Run admin script
  12. Talk with NPC
  13. Change zone
  14. Use portal. especially any which might have changed recently
  15. Use teleport scrolls
  16. Use summon scrolls
  17. Visit many areas. Any NPCs who can't be created will show up in your console log
  18. Buy items
  19. Sell items
  20. Buy a sheep
  21. Sell sheep
  22. Attack a creature
  23. Loot a corpse
  24. Move corpses around
  25. Level up
  26. Harvest grain
  27. Pick food from a plant grower and check it grows back
  28. Get item produced and collect it
  29. Use a bank chest
  30. Use item taken from bank chest
  31. Use a bank vault
  32. Use a scroll from the bank vault
  33. Logout in the bank vault
  34. Move items from body to bag
  35. Drop items
  36. Move items around on the ground
  37. Redo some quests, pick at random from StendhalQuest
  38. Do Semos Mayor quest
  39. Do Ados mayor quest
  40. Do deathmatch
  41. Go to dreamscape and 7 kikareukin clouds
  42. Use the wizard bank
  43. Gamble in Semos tavern
  44. Play blackjack on Athor ferry
  45. Do /where playername
  46. Use /support and /supportanswer
  47. Check /help and /gmhelp
  48. Add buddies
  49. Remove buddies
  50. Rent an outfit
  51. Rent a sign from Gordon
  52. Push someone
  53. Get sent to jail, get released
  54. Ignore someone
  55. Remove the ignore from someone
  56. Go /away with a message, have someone else /msg you, check the mouse over box in the status pannel
  57. Go /grumpy with a message, have buddy and non buddy /msg you, check the mouse over box in the status pannel
  58. Get poisoned
  59. Eat too much
  60. Die (many ways)
  61. Login in with wrong version. It MUST warn
  62. Login to server. It MUST work
  63. Listen to music and sound
  64. Login using webstart
  65. Login using automatically updated client
  66. Create a new character. It MUST work
  67. Run /script NPCPathCheck.class


  • When you do each stage, read your console log.
  • For quest testing: if you want to use an existing char, that has done most quests, you can reset all quests by saying cleanme! (with "!") to Diogenes. This only works for admins.
  • The test server log is here and can be useful to check if something strange happened (just scroll to the bottom for the latest entries)

Create chat log for tests

Please try to play dumb and fool the NPC by asking stupid question which may confuse him. For example say that you already have the items you are supposed to fetch although this is not true, yet. Reject the quest first time and only return later to accept it. Try to ask to start the quest again once it has finished, this kind of thing.

Please say Bye when you want to finish the conversation if the NPC is still listening.

We need full chat dialog for these quests:

  • FishermansLicenseQuiz from the fisherman in Ados huts
  • Meet Io
  • Getting a maze from Haizen chatlog needed: solving maze, chatlog there for: player logs off while doing it
  • Meet Zynn Iwuhos
  • Dice Gambling with Ricardo Junit test needs creation still
  • FindJefsMom
  • KillMonks
  • CleanAthorUnderground
  • WaterForXiphin (Patches tracker ID: 3520164)
  • TrapsForKlaas
  • MixtureForOrtiv
  • CoalForHunchey