Stendhal Development Meeting 2009-11-22/Result Log/Pets

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Types of Pets

  • lovely pets
    • like cats
    • pets are not very 'helpful' in real life. they are a friend or a play thing. they're not there to kill much for you :)
    • cats should not grow strong but be sweet little cats
  • fighting pets
    • like the baby dragon
    • fighting pets should level, currently a baby dragon can just kill a rat (#2813408)
  • suggestion that pets should eat lesser
  • new pets
    • dog
    • wolf
  • special abilities
    • pack animals with extra slots for items
    • mounted animals for faster travel
    • players run the fastest that anything can run dune to limits in the way movement is handled in code

Summon Scrolls

  • Summon scrolls should become more powerful if you use them repeatedly.
  • That was the original plan but there are some issues
  • Problem: Summoned Creatures had scaling issues with the old RP-fighting rules:
    • Creatures are balanced to attack players who are wearing armor
    • Creatures don't wear armor, so summoned creatures win against them easily.
    • Need to reevaluate with the new RP-fighting rules.
  • capturing creature with an empty summon scroll (#1777651)
  • Problem: Someone could summon a very big creature right outside Semos then.
  • If we make the protection more fine grained, the low protection areas could allow stronger monsters to be summoned
  • Perhaps limiting the summoning to creatures who are on these maps? For example on a map which only hosts rats, you can just summon rats there.
  • Are summoned creatures an advantage if limited like this?
  • All in all: More powerful summoned creatures are very interesting but this needs to be approached carefully


  • it should be possible to leave the pet somewhere safely, so you can have a cute pet, but don't have the burden to care for it all the time
  • partly possible in your house, but they will not survive a server restart
  • saving pets in the bag or bank chest (like other games do) sounds cruel
  • kennel you can pay for
  • Katinka at the sanctuary can already look after pets, but she takes them forever
  • a similar thing - where you can get your pet back
  • it is typical to pay boarding fees when you take pet to kennel
  • could be a higher fee to get them out if they where under 100lb when placed in. you know like your pet ate more than the other so i will have to charge you more for the return of your pet
  • it could be possible to charge for the time spent in the kennel. that approximates the amount of food needed
  • they should take care of the pet. Getting it all fat does not sound healthy. So I guess a good idea would be to keep them the way they are when they are given to the kennel.
  • if we save the kenneled pets as part of the player object, we can keep them forever. Only if we store them as part of the wildlife zone, there would be a limit.
  • if the player has given a cat to the kennel, he would not be able to adopt a second one, but can get his pet back from the kennel of course
  • wildlife place may be a good idea for the kennel, need to make sure that it is obvious to whether you give your pet away to the refugee forever or just temporary to the kennel