Stendhal Development Meeting 2009-11-22/Result Log/World Map

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Regions in Stendhal

  • there are already "regions" like Semos (with the city, village and farm), Ados (city is multi zone), Nalwor Forest, ...
  • each region has a theme
    • Semos is a rural region for low level players
    • Ados a port city with a food issue
    • Nalwor is an elvish region
  • perhaps regions may be suitable for level-ranges
    • as a rule we stick to keeping the Semos areas safer, not putting crazy creatures there, nalwor is indeed the elvish area, and so on
    • we already have the idea that the further you go from Semos City the less safe it is
    • perhaps we can make that more obvious to players
  • regions vs. zone
    • currently the main way to identify your position in the world is the zone name.
    • something like 0_semos_city, int_semos_townhall, 0_semos_village_w.
    • those names are there for technical reasons.
    • I guess we still need them. But I would like to have some in-game names. Not on a per zone basis.
    • a "region" is usually something that spawns multiple zones.
    • Ados city is so huge that it has multiple zones.
    • But from a players point of view that is Ados city.
    • We probably should use the current zone names as subtitle.
  • maps
    • we currently don't have a map in game because it uses too much memory to display it.
    • but we may be able to create multiple maps. One per region.
    • those would be a lot smaller.
    • like the map of ados city that Julius gives out
  • those regions should be more visible
    • for example with a transparent message on screen when you enter another region
    • there are zone entrance messages
    • a message you get every time when you go from say Orril to Nalwor.
    • but without the white background so that it is not annoying.
    • or the messaging area text, is less annoying because it doesn't pop up, like /me in chat
    • we do have a global coordinate system for all maps, except those starting with "int_".


  • it would be cool if we had a wiki page for each "region".
  • it should say something about the region, the background story, what makes it special, its history, etc.
  • many NPCs in world give useful background information about the regions they are in. It would be very useful to have that on the Wiki (without spoiling the quests)
  • examples
    • Ados is a port-city. It suffers from not having enough food.
    • Semos consists of an old village and a small city. It is a rural area.
  • a good starting point is StendhalAtlas and StendhalHistory
  • such collected background stories will make it easier to write new quests that fit into the theme.
  • suggested page content
    • a small image of the map
    • background story about the whole region
    • points of interests
    • out-of-character information for players
    • photos (screenshots)
    • see Semos for a first example
  • blackfinix and yoriy volunteered
  • more help welcomed

Expanding the world

  • Will the map become extended with the next release?
  • There are still many empty spots, so we prefer to focus on improving existing zones rather than adding new ones
  • There are ideas for future expanding at StendhalRefactoringAtlas

Stendhal Atlas image

  • The map with dungeon entrances is very outdated (0.62 instead of 0.79).
  • Currently it is created manually by drawing the circles right into the .png file
  • The StendhalAtlas should be a two layer image instead
    • the generated map images
    • the yellow circle overlay
  • So the overlay can easily be applied to new versions of the map file
  • Other map topics:
    • jpeg was suggested as image file format
    • region borders (see region section) could be added as a layer, too
  • tigertoes volunteered to create the multi layer map as Gimp .xcf file created WorldWithMarkedDungeons091122.xcf.