Stendhal PVP Concept

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Keep PvP in the current way

PvP solves a number of issues:

  • Blocking small pathways in dungeons and similar places
  • People can team up against trouble makers to find an in-game solution to unsocial behaviour such as stealing, blocking, or attacking wounded players
  • Weak players are protected from being assaulted by stronger players (exploits in the protection have been fixed in 0.99).
  • It adds entertainment because players have to stay alert

Remove PvP and reset ATK / DEF level to 0

  • In the old days before the release of Stendhal 0.70 Rules of War camping (training) was wide spread which resulted in high level content being adapted to players which stats gained by camping. Stendhal 0.70 changed the fighting rules, so that camping is not required anymore. But people still love to camp in order to see their numbers go up. This is not only boring, but it also creates the impression to other players that camping is still useful or required.
  • Forgetting to logout in an unprotected area may result in being killed
  • Some PvP-players block NPCs which have quests
  • Open Issue: Find better ways to deal with social issues causes by few individuals on larger groups of players. Keep in mind that there are only few trustworthy admins with detailed knowledge on SQL (structure query language for low level database operations) that are willing to sacrifice huge amounts of their spare time to deal with trouble makers. So increasing demands on admins is not an option.

Other alternatives

  • Add a duelling system which allows PvP after both players has opted in with neither having an influence on stats nor resulting in death. (Problem to solve: In WoW this is commonly exploited by pulling creatures being pulled into a duel)
  • only remove stats gained by camping We don't have sufficient logging to identify those stats gained by PvP during for the last 7 years.