Stendhal Quest/Ados Deathmatch

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Stendhal Quests

Thanatos and his brother Thonatus search for new heroes to fight in the Deathmatch arena in Ados City. When you think you're strong enough, you can try to battle against creatures around your level and be hopefully succesful.


Thonatus, Ados swamp, official Deathmatch Recruitor.
Thanatos, Ados Deathmatch, Deathmatch keeper


  1. Find Thonatus and ask him for a challenge
  2. Ask Thanatos to start your Deathmatch
  3. Kill all 10 creatures
  4. Claim your victory


Trophy Helmet which def increases by 1 for every Death Match completed (See DM in FAQ)


Deathmatch is available for players above lvl 20
You can repeat it as often you want
Your friends can use the scrying orbs around the arena to watch!