Stendhal Quest/Coal for Haunchy

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Stendhal Quests


Haunchy Meatoch is Faiumonis most favourite BBQ king. He currently works on Ados market and spreads his tasty steaks around the world. Due to the high request, he is afraid of his BBQ grillfire. Will his coal last till the steaks are ready or will he need some more, soon?


Haunchy Meatoch, the BBQ grillmaster


Visit Haunchy Meatoch on the Ados market
Ask him for a quest
Search for some coal in the Semos Mines
Bring Haunchy Meatoch some coal for his grill


200 XP
a random amount of grilled steaks

Repeatable: After 2 days.

You need a pick from Barbarus for picking some coal
Associated with the following achievements: