Stendhal Quest/Find Jefs Mother

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Stendhal Quests

Also known as:

  • Find Jef's Mum
  • Find Jef's Mom


Jef, a young boy in Kirdneh city, waits for his mum Amber who didn't return yet from the market.


Jef, a boy who waits for his mom
Amber, Jef's mother who seems to be lost


  1. Ask Jef for a quest
  2. Agree to find his mom, Amber
  3. Try to find Amber and she will give you a zantedeschia
  4. If you have found her, return to Jef and tell him how she feels
  5. Get a reward


A random amount of red lionfish
800 XP + Karma

Repeatable: Every 3 days.

Ask Roger Frampton for hints about Ambers current living place

Associated Achievements

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