Stendhal Quest/Kanmararn Soldiers

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Stendhal Quests


Some time ago, Sergeant James started with his crew of four brave soldiers to their adventure of finding a treasure in Kanmararn, the city of dwarves somewhere beneath Semos city. Due to unknown reasons, none of them has returned yet.


Henry, the lost soldier in Kanmararn
Sergeant James, leader of the lost squad


Part 1
  1. Ask Henry for a task
  2. Find Henry's comrades (Peter, Tom and Charles)
  3. Bring proof to Henry
Part 2
  1. Ask Sergeant James for a task
  2. Find Henry
  3. Bring Henry (or the map he carries) to Sergeant James


Part 1
2500 XP
some karma
a Map
Part 2
5000 XP
some karma
Mainio Boots

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