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Stendhal Quests


Old Mother Helena in Fado tavern makes a wonderful and tasty vegetable soup which she offers to her costumers. She just needs the ingredients which make the soup that healthy.


Old Mother Helena in Fado tavern


  1. Old Mother Helena tells you the ingredients of a special soup
  2. You collect the ingredients "carrot", "spinach", "courgette", "collard", "salad", "onion", "cauliflower", "broccoli", "leek"
  3. You bring the ingredients to the tavern (one by one or in a bunch)
  4. The soup is served at table and you get xp and/or Karma
  5. You can take it with you if you like


20 XP
Karma bonus of 5 (only if you gave them one by one)
Soup with HP value of your current base HP


Can be repeated once every 10 minutes

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