Stendhal Quest/A Grandfathers Wish

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Stendhal Quests


An old grandfather in Deniran City wishes to know about his estranged grandson. He disappeared one day and no one has heard anything about him since. Elias is much too old to venture for information so he is looking for someone to help.



  1. Speak with Elias Breland in Deniran City. His grandson has gone missing and wants you to investigate.
  2. Ask Marianne about Niall.
  3. Find the myling. You will need a rope to descend into the well.
  4. Return to Elias to inform him about Niall.
  5. Bring water and charcoal to Father Calenus for him to bless ashen holy water.
  6. Use the holy water on the myling to cure Niall. He will return home.
  7. Visit Niall at his home to get a reward.


  • karma
  • 5000 XP
  • 3 additional bag slots


  • Quest can be started at level 100.

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