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Stendhal Quests


Quest that allows player to obtain rings that protect against poison attacks.


  • Jameson (apothecary, hidden location)
  • Zoey (zoologist at animal sanctuary)
  • Hogart (undecided)
  • Klaas (rewards note to apothecary for completing Traps for Klaas quest)
  • NPCs that give hints to apothecary's location:


  • Note to apothecary (reward from Traps for Klaas)
  • other misc. items (undecided)
  • Complete Antivenom Ring part 1 (for part 2)
  • Minimum levels (undecided)

Suggested reward

  • antivenom ring (part 1)
  • antitoxin ring (part 2)
  • players can infuse certain weapons, like arrows, with poison from apothecary


  1. Complete Traps for Klaas.
  2. Find apothecary's lab (hints given by other NPCs).
  3. Bring note to apothecary to Jameson.
  4. As a favor to Klaas, Jameson will help you to strengthen your medicinal ring.
  5. Bring Jameson a medicinal ring, venom gland, 2 mandragora and 5 fairycakes.
  6. Jameson requires a bottle big enough to hold venom extracted from gland.
  7. Bring Jameson a giant bottle.
  8. Jameson realizes he doesn't have a way to extract the venom.
  9. Find [NPC undecided] who will extract the venom into the giant bottle.
  10. Take the bottle filled with venom back to Jameson.
  11. Jameson concocts a mixture to infuse the ring.
  12. Take mixture and ring to [NPC undecided] to be fused.
  13. [NPC undecided] will also have requirements for the player.


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