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Stendhal Quests


Quest that allows player to obtain rings that protect against poison attacks.


  • Jameson (apothecary, hidden location)
  • Two or more other NPCs


  • Note to apothecary (reward from Traps for Klaas)
  • medicinal ring (part 1)
  • antivenom ring (part 2)
  • other misc. items (undecided)
  • Complete Antivenom Ring part 1 (for part 2)
  • Minimum levels (undecided)

Suggested reward

  • antivenom ring (part 1)
  • antitoxin ring (part 2)


  1. Complete Traps for Klaas.
  2. Find apothecary's lab (hints given by other NPCs).
  3. Bring note to apothecary to Jameson.
  4. As a favor to Klaas, Jameson will help you to strengthen your medicinal ring.
  5. Bring Jameson a medicinal ring, venom gland, 2 mandragora and 5 fairycakes.
  6. Jameson requires a bottle big enough to hold venom extracted from gland.
  7. Bring Jameson a giant bottle.
  8. Jameson realizes he doesn't have a way to extract the venom.
  9. Find [NPC undecided] who will extract the venom into the giant bottle.
  10. Take the bottle filled with venom back to Jameson.
  11. Jameson concocts a mixture to infuse the ring.
  12. Take mixture and ring to [NPC undecided] to be fused.
  13. [NPC undecided] will also have requirements for the player.


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