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Stendhal Quests


An NPC in Ados tells the player about very valueable items in a huge villa. The house is owned by an old, strange man. The player decides to break into the villa to find and steal the items. In the house are patroulling guards so the player has to sneak and to walk around the guards not to be seen and attacked.

The following quests deal around the burglary in Constantines villa.

- Storyteller

The missing books

There is an NPC in the library of the villa. He doesn't know that you are a thief but thinks, that you want to help him with a problem. In the library are seven books missing. They fell out of the shelves or just have been forgotten to put back to their places. Luckily the NPC still knows one or two sentences from each book, because on his table are half-finished duplicates. He tells the first part to you and you have to search for the right book in the library which contains the whole text and have to tell the last part of the sentence to the NPC so he can finish the duplicate and knows that the original hasn't been stolen. The reward can be a key to a part of the house (cellar, upper floor?) where you had no access before. --> The idea now is it to relate the quest to Imorgen and her grandma. Changes had been discussed with storyteller and he agreed with that :) There is no upper floor or cellar in planning at the moment, the Villa is already relatively huge and other interiors could be added later when Constantines quest idea is up. (Bluelads4)

The afraid kitchen assistant

In the kitchen is an NPC who is very afraid of you. He says he isn't armed and just the kitchen assistant and that he is very scared that you would kill him. He promises not to tell anything to somebody but you also want something special: A map of the house! The NPC says he will draw one for you but the problem is that he has to prepare some food which he has to fetch first. When he doesn't finish his task, it would be very suspicious and everybody would think that he stole something in the house. So there is only one way to get the map: You have to fetch the vegetables and meat, while the kitchen assistant draws the map for you. The reward is a rough map of the house and some XP.

Jobs for Constantine

As you want to grab the most valueable item, which is stored in a safe place, suddenly there is a voice! Constantine, the house owner himself, stands behind you! He is quite angry at you for braking into his house, but he is also very interested and impressed that you managed it to sneak through the house without been seen. Therefore he has a deal for you: Either you work for him, or he will send you to prison! But the jobs he has for you are top secret. Therefore also the guards in his villa will still recognize you as a thief, because Constantine doesn't want to be suspected in giving jobs to a thief.

He gives you different quests:

  • killing suspicious monks on Athor Island
  • getting important information from different NPCs
  • ...


  • Cameron
  • 2 guards
  • kitchen guy
  • Constantine (should take the biggest part and quest)

Suggested reward

The rewards are money and helpful equipment, for example potions etc.


  1. first the players does this
  2. second the player is asked to do that



What are the NPCs going to say?

Discussion and Comments


  • NPCs
  • Related quest idea for Imorgen and her grandma


  • Quest for books - reward receipe for Imorgen
  • Changed house into a villa in Orril mountain
  • Sprites for Constantine, guards and scared looking guy done
  • Added interiors of the Villa and portals into the xml
  • Questcode for The missing books (not tested so far)

Questions to Bluelads4