Stendhal Quest Ideas/Deliver packets from Port to Deniran Citizens

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Stendhal Quests


Fiete is the Port Manager south of Deniran City. He is a friendly guy who is always happy. Most of the time he has nothing to do and might appear lazy. But when a ship from Ados arrives, there are lots of packages to deliver.


  • Fiete
  • Various Citizens of Deniran
Deniran citizens Ideas for possible delivery
all everyone could receive some kind of letter or book; not everyone has to be delivered with sth.
Byron Mcgalister science book or grimoire
Christina bottle of perfume
Claude Conteur crate or barrel of cabbage
D J Smith letter:order for goods; raw materials
Elias Breland Stuff for his garden: barrel of manure
Ermenegilda bouquet of flowers with a thank you card
Jimbo barrel of vinegar or oil; crate of bottles
Julia books (no, she says she just got some); letter:bill for books
Harley book: What do women want?
Iker highly official letter from royal prosecution service
King Edward of Deniran some fancy sweets/chocolates; official correspondence (no, that would arrive by courier)
Lovena new crystal ball
Marianne letter from a pal friend; book:The Monster Chicken — no one left alive
Niall Breland > level 100 and quest finished: pocket knife; adventure book;
Patrick ingredients for bread: barrel of salt; sack of special flour; sack of seeds (to put in/on the bread)
Pierre some fabric; accessories to sew onto clothes
Raven something to create a special alloy
Sawyer letter from taxman; book: How to run a shop with no takings?
Skinner Rawhide crate (too much?) of leather needles, because they seem to disappear frequently
Wanda some gross stuff needed for potions

Suggested Reward



  • Similar to Pizza Delivery: See source code (ignore the method removeFromWorld).


  • NPCs should react differently to getting a packet. Some might be indifferent. Some might be very happy. Some might tell you, why this package is so special for them on a personal level. For other NPCs the packet might just contain business supplies.

Discussion and Comments

  • Fiete is a nice guy, who does not get irritated at the player (unlike Leander)
  • There should no delivery uniform.
  • The quest should not be repeatable more than once per day.