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Stendhal Quests


A NPC giving a dragon-kill-quest. After solving this quest -> NPC to NPC dragonegg-delivery-service (like pizza) in a specific time to another specific NPC. Delivery-Quest will unlock the ability wearing a black dragon costume forever (for monthly rent or karmaloss).

2 new NPCs

Dragomir and Dragodir (Not in the same place. Dragomir should be found a little harder [lvl~60-70] Dragodir should be easily reached [semos/ados].

A Costume


Suggested reward from Dragomir

On successful completion the player shall get... some XP, 2 dragonegg for delivery.

Suggested reward from Dragodir

Ability to wear costume permanent for money or karma.



  1. 1. the player talks to Dragomir
  1. 2. the player is asked to kill a dragon of each color and 50 of the green ones (both not alone ... so other players could help)
  1. 3. the player kills the dragons
  1. 4. the player talks to Dragomir and Dragomir welcomes you to "the famous dragon killers" (maybe an acchievement??)
  1. 5. the player gets Reward and suddenly turns into a "black dragon warrior costume" and is send to Dragodir to get him 2 dragon eggs - player must get there within specific time, or dragon costume will disappear.


  1. 0. If not in active in quest he does nothing (or maybe buy dragoneggs? gives you a dragonegg for 1000 beer or something!? Open for Ideas.)
  1. 1. Dragodir will accept eggs or hits the half energy of player for being too late.
  1. 2. Dragodir allows you REWARDED (from now on forever) to wear the dragon warrior costume for rent of (?)1000/month (like the houses)



Help me find some funny ones. Maybe we work together on the dialogues? Maybe this should be integrated as a part of the story about Blordrough's dark legions?

Discussion and Comments

Hello :) I like the idea but the question will be what will happen, if the player changes his costume and looses the special outfit then - will the quest be repeatable after and is there a chance to gain it back? Another problem might be the recolouring for costumes part related to the outfit changes etc... - Bluelads4 -