Stendhal Quest Ideas/Escorting Sheep to Ados

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Stendhal Quests


When Sato has filled the sheep pen, he calls for a shepherd to take them to Ados. As the road is dangerous and sheep are vulnerable some players are needed for escort.


Suggested Reward

Money, XP, Karma; the amounts depending on the success of the task





Discussion and Comments

Volunteering players should inform the shepherd, who will not start the travel until he has enough protection. Once enough players have enlisted, he starts walking towards Ados with the sheep. The objective is keeping the sheep alive to Ados.

  • Shepherd needs to be capable of possessing multiple sheep (could have also a shepherd dog just for the authenticity)
  • Shepherd needs to be able to change zones with all his sheep
  • The maps on the way may need some sheep food to prevent the sheep from starving to death on the way