Stendhal Quest Ideas/Flowers for a Funeral

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Stendhal Quests


Bring flowers and tell the name of a grave to Franklin. The Grave is is somewhere in The Semos Mountains.


Franklin, The funeral director

Located in Semos Mountain graveyard

Mary, "I buy and sell flowers in Ados marketplace."

Vinny, A wanderer somewhere will give a hint where to find the hidden grave.

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get...???


  1. ask Franklin for a task
  2. Franklin requests a flower and the name of a grave
  3. player can either grow the flower or go to Mary to buy one.
  4. Find Vinny and ask for the location of the hidden grave.
  5. Find the grave and tell the name to Franklin
  6. bring desired flower back to Franklin.



Franklin: We had a tragic death in Faiumoni recently, but don't know where it happened. For our records you must tell me the name of the grave. Would you also be so kind to get some flowers?

Franklin: Tell me the name of a grave somewhere in Semos Mountains.

Discussion and Comments


new npc Mary to buy and sell the flowers in Faiumoni: Daisies, Lilia, Pansy and Zantedeschia.