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Stendhal Quests

(this idea is a work-in-progress)


Boroborels are a creature that a player can "raise". Once the creatures have reached a certain maturity they can be entered in to the Boroborel Races (location to be determined) to compete against other players for money and prizes.

To Consider

  • Races could be held as single exhibitions, tournaments, or both.
  • Frequency of racing events:
    • Could be available at any time or could be period, such as once a week or once a month.
  • Entrance fees and prizes:
    • Prize money could be a result of wagers placed by competing players.
    • Onlookers could wager bets amongst themselves (their activity may or may not affect prize money for entrants).
    • Special prizes could be awarded for tournament winners.
    • Achievements could be awarded for meeting certain goals, such as coming in first place in a tournament.
    • Aggregated ranking results could be shown in hall of fame
  • Raising:
    • Players must catch a young boroborel in order to raise it.
    • A stable can be rented for raising a single boroborel.
    • A boroborel's stats will be determined by how it is raised by the player.
    • Once a boroborel reaches full maturity, its stats can be no further increased.
    • Age of boroborel has a negative affect on its stats.
    • A kept boroborel can be freed or sold to another player.
  • Stats that affect boroborel behavior:
    • strength: determines boroborel's starting speed (accelerating from starting blocks)
    • vigor: determines boroborel's average top speed
    • stamina: determines how long boroborel can run at high speeds without tiring
    • intelligence: determines how well boroborel manages its stamina
    • durability/vitality: determines how fast the boroborel ages
    • temperament: determines odds of boroborel misbehaving (ones with low temperament may slow down, stop, or even turn around)
    • luck/karma: determines chance of getting a temporary stat boost during race
  • Factors determining raising results:
    • what it is fed (example: certain vegetables can make it more intelligent, meats could make it stronger)
    • living conditions and/or how frequently player attends to it (this could affect temperament)
    • how much it is allowed to roam (in a penned in area) outside its stable and/or interact with other creatures
  • How stats are determined:
    • the six main stats could be on three scales, such as one scale's extremes could be strength and durability (high strength means low durability) or...
    • each stat could be independent of each other (high strength does not have a direct affect on durability, but does mean less points available to add to durability)
    • the seventh stat (luck/karma) is an outlier not related to any other (unless we want to add an eighth)
    • boroborels could have a "slot" where they are allowed to equip a single magic item that enhances their performance in some way
  • A mature boroborel's color and appearance is dependent on its stats.
    • examples:
      • red could represent a boroborel with high strength, but low durability
      • patterns, such as stripes, dots, or patches, could be determined by temperament and/or intelligence
      • luck/karma could also influence appearance

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