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Stendhal Quests

(Note: i think this is redundant with Stendhal_Quest_Ideas/Manhunt, except maybe for ideas about multiple fugitives. I didn't even see that page.)

Added: 20110814


(Thinking out loud right now. not organized)

This might be more of a game/player event than a quest. (Game if players vs players, Quest if player vs npcs).

Some (small?) number of players start out in jail, break out, and have to get to some goal destination (mountains, port, athor, ...). Everyone else has to find and catch them. Or maybe escapees just have to stay free for some amount of time.

Escapees get a head start before announcement of escape.

Once caught, what? Walk them back (with chance for prisoners to ambush and re-free)? Wait for a wagon and guards to arrive?

Hunters get rope or something to bind captured prisoners.

Initially, prisoners have special shirt or badge. Maybe can steal stuff (food, equipment), to hide better.

Could be very hard to balance well. Will probably take several attempts to tune.

Conversation on this topic here: All ideas on the forum thread will be integrated in to this page.


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

Probably none, initially

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get...



  1. first the players does this
  2. second the player is asked to do that



What are the NPCs going to say?

Discussion and Comments

I think a basic jailbreak game could sort of be done now, with real players on both sides - either use your own char, or establish some prisoner chars and distribute passwords.

Would be better with modified "combat rules" - knock people out instead of kill them (when hp go below 100), or stun projectciles, ... hunters have limited ability to chat, ...

Would have to be scheduled, organized.

With much smarter NPCs, could scale the difficulty to level of players - if just a couple of new players, maybe just one weak fugitive, easy to find, little resistance, ... (players could accept promises/bribes, too, and let prisoner go). Maybe an NPC fugitive escaped a long time ago, and this is more of a bounty hunter quest - rumor that the fugitive knows someone in ados, ... NPCs would be placed in world when quest starts, removed from world when quest complete?

Maybe achievements for staying free, or capturing fugitives.

Another cool idea (but probably tough to implement): just found player transparency in the code. Could implement something like hiding/camouflage, esp along edges of forests, ... (From capture the flag wiki page: how would a ground-colored outfit look?)

Could make it a chained quest: capture a gang leader, everyone in gang

  • start out with clue to find some low-level member, in town
  • capture them, need to find out from them where the hideout is.
  • work your way up, tougher and tougher captures, until "the boss", and probably several of his guards.

How do you capture someone?

One of the main things i don't get yet is how can you capture someone if everyone is the same speed?

  • you don't, the game is about something else?
  • projectile weapons
    • esp from multiple angles, multiple hunters
    • would be better if there were some skill at shooting
      • have to click the direction you want the projectile to go, and if fugitive zags, can dodge
  • speed modifiers
    • arrows slow people down, more than, or instead of, damage
    • maybe a potion can give you brief super speed

(Note: i think the same issues probably apply to capture the flag kinds of games)

Maybe i need to see how soccer works


  • baby step: NPC that says ouch when hit