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Stendhal Quests




− Aenihata, a high priest in Semos Mine.

− Barbarus, the worker in semos mines.

− Zogfang,an orc in Ados abandoned keep.

− Jynath, a witch in orril river.

− Mayor shaknks. The semos city mayor.

− Zekiel the guardian, in semos wizard's tower.

− Joshua, the blasmith in Ados.

− Wikipedian, in ados library.

− Alrak, the wofol's blacksmith.

− Imperial scientists, in kalavan basement.

− Ognir, the fado's blacksmith.

− Rose Leigh, the flower lover.

− Sarzina, the fado's wizardess.

− Kampusch, the Kirdne's mithrilbourgh wizard.


  • Min. level: 597
  • Min. attack: 100

Suggested Reward

Bound golden blade.


1 Aenihata asks you to kill a balrog, becuse he is worried of it and just can attend you if you have killed one.

2 After killing balrog, Anihata ask you to find Barbarus out and ask about your fights against the evil.

3 Barbarus says he vaguely remember about his fights because his memory was stolen and he doesn't want to tell about this to strangers.

4 Give some beers to barbarus and he will be happy and will tell you about his fights, and ask you to bring him spectral elixir to get his memory back.

5 Jynath asks the grimory to make spectral elixir.

6 Mayor shanks will just give you grimory if you have finished semos daily quest 50 times.

7 Jynat takes grimory and ask to get back in 3 days because she needs to study this.

8 Jynat asks 20 candles for the ritual.

9 Kekiel makes the candles.

10 Jynat take the candles and ask for a Translated orcish Bible.

11 Zofgang ask you to bring him all chaos stuff (Chaos armor, Chaos helmet, Chaos legs, Chaos boots, Chaos cloak, Chaos Sword) for his protection then he gives you orcish bible.

12 Wikipedian translates orcish bible in human language (7 days)

13 Jynat takes bible and ask for 20 kokuda, 20 mandragora and 2 mithril nuggets (will finish the elixir).

14 Barbarus drink the elixir and ask some food, (10 sandwiches)

15 Barbarus tell you Joshoa can forge a legendary sword for his mates and gives you a recommendation.

16 Joshuas asks 20 iron and 3 mithical eggshells to forge the blade.

17 Blade breaks and Joshua ask for a Claymore and 3 disease poison to clean the new blade.

18 When it is cleaned Joshua ask for 10 magical gold bars.

19 Alrak cast magical gold (10 golden, 10 mithril bars, 100 wood peaces).

20 Joshua takes the magical gold and ask for 5 disease acid to clen the blade.

21 Imperial Scientists make acid (20 silk glands, 5 disease poison)

22 Joshua ask for blade's handle.

23 Ognir makes blade's hand (2 diamond, 5 gold bars, 4 carbuncle, 2 mithril bars, 2 gold bars).

24 Joshua Finishes to forge the sword and ask to bring it to Sarzina to give its power.

25 Sarzina asks for goldem flower and 7 candles.

26 Rose Leigh will trade her precious golden flower for 20 sclaria.

27 Sarzina will make her ritual and enthrall the sword.

28 when its done Sarzina will ask to bring back the sword to Joshua.

29 Joshua ask for 4 faceted carbuncle.

30 Kampush will lapidary carbuncles.

31 Joshua will ask to bring the sword and faceted carbuncles to Aenihata and will wish you good luck in your journey.

32 Aenihata will fit Faceted carbuncles into sword, and bless it. This will finish the sword.



Discussion and Comments

I personally am against any quest idea that rewards golden blade. - AntumDeluge (talk)