Stendhal Quest Ideas/Guard to Bribe

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Stendhal Quests


This guard would make sure players who are too weak don't enter places that are dangerous. Like outside giant caves etc.


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get...


  1. first the players does this
  2. second the player is asked to do that



  • NPC: "Beyond this door I'm not allowed to let anyone past, it is too dangerous"
  • Player: 'task'
  • NPC says nothing
  • Player: 'job'
  • NPC: "I am the doorkeeper. I am not supposed to let any human past, but perhaps you can make me an #offer."
  • Player: 'offer'
  • NPC: "A little #bribe could persuade me"
  • Player: 'bribe'
  • NPC: "A bribe of no money is no bribe! #Offer me something!"
  • Player: 'bribe x' (x<200)
  • NPC: "You think that amount will persuade me?! You can't get in!"
  • Player: 'bribe x' (x>=200)
  • NPC (moves aside so door is accessible): "I got your money but I don't guarantee your life if you enter"

Discussion and Comments

I think thats a good idea, because a lot of noob-players are exploring the semos cave without knowing that there is a green dragon and a lot of giants inside. Either they die or they run away and bring the strong enemies right to the entrance. So if a noob-player, who knows where the strong enemies are, enter the cave, he/she will be killed immediately. Mascht
I'm going to use it for one of the new zones but it can be reused. For the semos caves problem I've added one of those messages you get when you enter a zone for the first time, it should be enough to warn newbies. Though bad luck if a big creature had already been dragged there on the very first time they went in. Kymara