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Waerryna asks the player to kill a random number of arch rats since she sees their existence as a mockery of black magic. This gives Waerryna more to do with the player than be a glorified caution sign, and really the rat city could stand more "tourism".


This quest expands the actions of an existing NPC, Waerryna, the dark elf in Orril dungeon.

Suggested reward



  1. Player finds Waerryna and accepts quest.
  2. Player goes to Rat City and has a good time.
  3. Player goes back to Waerryna for reward.
  4. Can be repeated. (Maybe every 3 or 5 day?)


** Player Asks for Quest

  • "I'd teach those Arch Rats a lesson if I could leave my post. I don't suppose you could go to rat city in my place?".

** Player accepts

  • "Excellent... come back when you've killed # arch rats."

** Player declines

  • "Hehe, I suppose I ask too much of a human.",

** Quest is repeatable

  • "Those rats are becoming a nuisance again. Mind exterminating them?".

** Additional flavor text

  • "rat","Those filthy mutants are toying with black magic."
  • "black_magic","A sacred art only us dark elves are qualified to wield!"
  • "mutants", (Gives some elaborate explanation behind the origins of the rat people.)

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