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Stendhal Quests


This is a quest involving Athor Sea Floor, and various zones in the Ados region (Swamp, Wall South, City South, Wall North 2 aka the old mountain village), and maybe could be repeatable every week. Depends how the reward shapes up.

Players explore a shipwreck, kill a Kraken, and locate a wandering NPC.


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

edward the Scuba Instructor.

Mizuno the wandering Spirit Trapper.

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get... A djinn in a bottle, a one time use item that when opened randomly grants a wish.

Current wish ideas:

  • "enchant arrows" (converts up to 500 of any arrows the player is carrying into fire/ice/light arrows).

new forge-able weapon:

  • shark tooth dagger
    • 10 shark's teeth.
    • 10 seashells.
    • 1 shark's bone.

suggested stats: atk: 7. rate: 2 life steal: 0.05.


1. first the player gets a scuba license and gear from Edward.

2. Once Edward has finished his teaching duties he can offer this quest to players. He tells them about an old ship wreck, and asks them to explore it for any treasure.

3. Players go down to the shipwreck (which will need a sunken cabin interior) and fight a kraken inside the wreck who drops a message in a bottle to players on this quest (as done with the lich key and green dragon in Orril Castle and a few other places).

4. "Edward will be excited you found something on the wreck and talking with him while holding the message in a bottle will trigger him taking the message out and reading it (He stuffs it back in after). He tells you Mizuno will want to see this message and you should look for him in the Ados region. "

5. "Once located Mizuno will take the message out of the bottle and stuff a spirit into it and hand it back to the player."


What are the NPCs going to say?

Player: "Quest."

"You know two decades ago a ship by the name Rebecca Frost went down on these waters. She was crewed by pirates and to this day the lucky dog to find her might find some valuable loot. Unfortunately it's not in my best interest to go diving these days..."

(Player mentions the name in the description for the message in a bottle to Edward)

"Do I know that name? Hmm... why yes! Come to think of it we sometimes see a man by that name during our breaks on the mainland."

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