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Stendhal Quests


player will be asked to provide all chapters to the book 'How to Conjour Up Mithril Armor' and provide all necessary goods in return for mithril armor


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

  1. Vardrug Bonejaw - new
  2. Elmorn - new
  3. Xavkas - new
  4. Crulamin - new
  5. Hayunn Naratha
  6. Whiggins
  7. Wikipedian
  8. Sue
  9. Azira
  10. Lorenz
  11. Fishmonger
  12. Woody
  13. Vonda
  14. Ritati Dragontracker
  15. Alrak
  16. Hogart
  17. Pedro
  18. Kampusch
  19. Pedinghaus
  20. lil johnnnny
  21. Tendertwig
  22. Jenny
  23. Ida

Suggested reward

player will receive mithril armor at end of quest player will receive appropriate karma and money and whatever else i find appropriate at end of quest


  1. Player reads bulletin board in Semos bank - one of the notes is to inquire at the local forge about information regarding some new armor, made of mithril
    1. Bulletin board image has been created - not committed
    2. bulletin board items image needs to be recreated - not committed
    3. semos bank map has been updated - not committed
    4. code for semos has been altered to add bulletin board entities - not committed
  2. Xoderos will not give player any info unless they have finished mithril cloak quest, ie. What do you need info for, you don't even dress a cloak or shield of mithril? - if player has finished cloak quest, he tells that he has heard of a mithrilbourgh wizard who has knowledge of the ancient art of making mithril armor - he is a lonely man who rides the athor ferry and plays blackjack, his name is Elmorn - this is actual quest start
  3. (chapter 9) Elmorn only talks about the quest if you have already talked with Xoderos about it - he says, yes, he heard a rumor that there was a special book a long time ago that told every aspect of creating mithril armor - it was in possession of and closely guarded by the Mithrilbourgh council of elders - the book was stolen by one of the wizard elders who betrayed the council when lord blordrough promised to make him a mighty king in return for the info on how to construct mithril armor - if you could just get the book from the traitor, he would be happy to make you mithril armor - of course, you also have to supply everything he needs ;) - he thinks the traitor is imprisoned in rat city...
    1. castle image altered to provide better tiling - image size remains same and nothing was moved or removed - not committed
    2. jail has been added to rat city - not committed
    3. code for orril has been altered to created Xavkas with generic comments until such time when we turn him on - not committed code added, but implementation commented out for now.
  4. You find Xavkas, the traitor, in the rat city jail - you talk to him - he says, Why do you all keep bothering me? I did not steal any book, I should not be here. If you don't believe me, go talk to that blordrough deserter living in the assassin tunnel - and be warned, he gives no information unless you play chess with him... make sure you let him win ;) you wont get any information from him if YOU win...
  5. Crulamin, the blordrough corporal, is in the rec room at one of the chess tables... he only plays with you if you are on the quest - if not, he cant be bothered - if on quest, you begin playing (use code for fishing to determine win or loose - he has to win random number of games in order to be happy and start talking - he tells you that lord blordrough had wanted him to work with Xavkas to obtain the book guarded by the mithrilbourgh elders, but when he saw how bloody the fighting was, he and his friends had opted to run away, taking all the dragons they could lay their hands on and hiding in this tunnel, making it home for them and their beloved dragons - the plan to obtain the book failed because of this and the poor wizard was branded a traitor and banished to the far reaches of the rat city jail...
    1. image created for Crulamin - not committed
    2. code added to zone file for npc - commented out, just in case - not committed
    3. chairs added to rec room in blordrough home so they can 'sit' down for their game - not committed
    4. code created for Crulamin npc - not committed
  6. you go back to Elmorn and talk to him - he asks if you have news, you tell him the rumor is false - he gufaws and tells you that he just wanted to see if you were really serious about getting the armor - you tell him you are - he explains that the mithrilbourgh elders saw how badly the war with the blordrough was going, so to protect the information, they split the book up into 9 parts, each one a chapter, and then each elder moved far away from mithrilbourgh, in all directions of the world - Elmorn has one chapter, so there will be 8 more chapters to obtain - player is to obtain all of these chapters, one at a time, and present them to Elmorn - he will then read each chapter as it is presented and have player supply him with whatever is necessary for that particular chapter - then, Elmorn will give hint for where to find the next chapter (the order of the chapter retrieval will be random for the first 5 chapters, set at quest start, then chapters 6, 7 and 8 in order cause that is when the real process starts...
  7. chapter image created - not committed
  8. (chapter 2) Hayunn Naratha - the old warrior in Semos - if you are in quest state, he asks for a random number of beers - after several beers, he starts talking about the old days and the battle where he lost his friend/tentmate (one of the mithrilbourgh elders) and what he found in his belongings - you ask him for the chapter and he gives it to you cause you have befriended him and he is lost in camaraderie
  9. (chapter 1) Tendertwig - one of the mithrilbourgh elders went to live with the entwives - when he realized he was dying, he gave the chapter to Tendertwig for safe keeping - she wants more flowers so you can give her seeds for her garden - random number and random flowers
  10. (chapter 4) Kampusch tells that his grandpa told about an elder that died with no friends or descendants - perhaps he took the chapter to the grave with him - grave will be one of many, chosen randomly upon quest start (will add more on locations later) use code for fishing to determine how many times you have to "dig"
    1. still compiling a list of gravesites from which to choose
  11. (chapter 7) Wikipedian - someone donated something that sounds like what you want - we are tired of storing it - GET IT OUTTA HERE!!!
  12. (chapter 5) Mrs Jones - husband's brother was one of the elders, he died and left the chapter to them... she will let you have it if you get her a ball gown and a brooch for her up-coming party at the castle of the kalavan king
    1. Vonda in Magic City makes the dress - requires silk cloth
    2. Will need someone to babysit the brat ;)
    3. Baldemar makes the brooch using lucky charms and mithril
  13. (chapter 6) Azira's hubby is one of the elders - she will give you the chapter if you give her black cloak (this is to take care of the fact that i forgot to take the cloak in the cloak quest)- this black cloak will be the one that is quested to the player
  14. (chapter 3) Lorenz - one of the elders went to live on the island - pined away - missed the others so much - hated being so far from civilization - finally died - left chapter with Lorenz - need multiple choice of what he wants in return for the chapter - definitely things that have the player all over the world ;)
  15. (chapter 8) Fishmonger - he acquired chapter from an elder who was starving and traded it for something to eat - will let you have chapter if you provide him with a pina colada, as he fancies himself to be a high class vendor - a black pearl necklace for his woman - and 36 beers so he can have a super party
    1. lil johnnnny makes the necklace - he wants black armor in return
      1. black pearl necklace image already created
  16. chapter 1 - determine what type of wire to use - that determines what goes into metal
  17. chapter 2 - describes and shows pics of many different types of armor
  18. chapter 3 - explains all measurements needed
    1. Ida does measurements
  19. chapter 4 - explains about liner to prevent chaffing - perhaps incorporate the sheep sheering and creating wool? - if not, then it can be bought somewhere - then liner will need to be constructed
  20. chapter 5 - explains many weaves and what to choose for each armor
  21. chapter 6 - how to smelt the metal
    1. Pedinghaus does this - he needs wood, iron bars, mithril bars, gold bars
  22. chapter 7 - how to make the wire
    1. need diamonds or metal - will be random - to make the drawing plate
    2. need lubricant - Jenny to press the olives
      1. image of olive created - not committed
      2. adding olive trees to different locations all around world - 5 done - not committed
      3. code added and tested to grow olives - not committed
      4. lightened already ingame image for olive oil to create image of virgin olive oil - not committed
  23. chapter 8 - how to make rings - need pliers, metal rod, wire cutters
    1. mithril ring image created - not committed
    2. metal rod image created - not committed
    3. Alrak to make tools - needs iron and wood
    4. Hogart makes the rings
  24. chapter 9 - explains the magic spell to bless the armor
    1. when jenny is coded up for this quest, she should also be coded to make regular olive oil - i just wanted something unique for quest so that it cant be made ahead of time
    2. am considering adding silver mine/s to a couple places in fado - after all, Leprechauns and Clurichauns have to get the silver for their charms from somewhere - also, i can add silver to the metal mix - have already made the mines on 2 different maps and the entrance on both will be behind a tree (yes, i know, how original :O ) - am looking on tilesets now to find appropriate big rocks for players to smack with their pick, using gold source code to determine when they get some - location of mines affect maps 0_fado_forest 40,59 - 0_fado_forest_e 105,58 and -1_fado_great_cave_nw 40,59 - -1_fado_great_cave_ne 105,58
      1. pick image already created
  25. will put more out here later...


What are the NPCs going to say?

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