Stendhal Quest Ideas/Oracle NPC for New Quest Hints

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Stendhal Quests

An NPC could list the names of the people you still need to help in that region. Then saying the name gives the one line description from the quest info

In this case player has not started the quests Herbs for Carmen, Hat for Monogenes, Armor for Dagobert or Pizza Delivery, in Semos, and he is above the min level to do them. He's done everything else for his level.

player: quest
npc: Carmen, Monogenes, Dagobert and Leander all need your help.

player: Carmen
npc: The Semos healer, Carmen, searches for ingredients to make potions and other useful medicines with.

player: Dagobert
npc: Dagobert, the consultant at the bank of Semos, needs protection.

New code Requirements

getNPCName() function for quest files done
getNPCNamesForUnstartedQuestsInRegionForLevel(Player player, String region) function in StendhalQuestSystem kymara - done
getQuestDescriptionForUnstartedQuestInRegionFromNPCName(Player player, String region, String name) kymara - done
SayNPCNamesForUnstartedQuestsAction(String region) kymara - done
TriggerIsNPCNameForUnstartedQuestCondition - i.e. need to check if what the player said is an npc name we just said in the action above - kymara - done
SayUnstartedQuestDescriptionFromNPCNameAction - if the npc name did match(above) then what is the quest description for the unstarted quest? (Or quests)? kymara - done

Other requirements

A region should be set for each quest that the NPC for that region, refers to. For Semos city, this is already done, because we have an achievement about Semos city quests. Add getRegion() to the quest file, see BeerForHayunn for example.
The main nPC name (who starts the quest) should be set for each quest file, add getNPCName() to the quest file, see BeerForHayunn for example. kymara - done

NPC design

Suggest an NPC per region, with a similar theme so players know what to expect (i.e. all wear simimilar or same outfits, all have 'Oracle' in front of name, all reside in similar buildings or locations, etc.