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Stendhal Quests


This is a quest for two players, which have to communicate with each other. Setting: There is some kind of altar in one area, and some source of light at some place else. The two are at least as far away that one player can not see both at a time, they can even be very far away. Whenever some item is sacrificed at the altar, then the light shines for a couple of seconds in a certain color, and then goes out again.

Now, an NPC asks the player, which color does the light have, when some item is sacrificed. The player alone can not solve the quest, there will be need for help from someone else. There may even be more places with sources of light, such that more players have to cooperate.

Every player gets a different item to sacrifice, possibly even the colors are adjusted according to the player, that is, two players sacrificing porcini will possibly see different colors. The quests may even be repeatable for the same player with items of different value.


The following existing or new NPCs participate in the quest

Suggested reward

On successful completion the player shall get...


  1. first the players does this
  2. second the player is asked to do that



What are the NPCs going to say?

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