Semos Caves

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Short Summary

The Semos Caves are really popular. People of all kinds have fun exploring there. The caves are also known as 'the bear cave' and 'giant caves'.

History and Background Story

Also known as 'the bear cave' and 'giant caves'

There is a story about the Semos Caves. There is a man named Terry who needs help with hatching dragons, you must take him a mythical egg and he will give you a dragon after one week. If you are level 10-15 you should kill bears and black bears for meat and ham, because you can sell them in the bar in Ados or you can eat them, if you are having low hp it will heal you. The green dragon is good for lvl 40 players to kill, because you don't need so many potions while fighting against it.You can buy potions at Carmen in semos city or at the zoo, just ask Dr. Feelgood. The Giant is for lvl 100. It gives you good experience points and drops, you can grow up your level fast there. The Elder Giant is for lvl 125 people, because it is strong. There is no quest here, only for hatching a dragon.


Black Bears
Green Dragon
Elder giant

Information for Players

Player Level
15-125 (todo)
Semos and Ados mountains or through Semos Mines or Ados Caves
Dungeon Levels

Photo Gallery

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