Ados Abandoned Keep

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Short Summary

The Ados Abandoned Keep can be found in the Ados Mountains. It's the home of mountain orcs, mountain dwarves and duergars. Keep your eyes open for treasures around your way through different floors! As more up you come as more dangerous it will be.

History and Background Story

Once upon a time, several gangs of evil creatures decided to conquer a deep underground system with several floors which belonged to the earlier Ados miners who hoped to find gold and iron in it - and a secret treasure! After some attacks by orcs, dwarves, duergars and even the mighty Lord Durin and his closest friends, two dwarf golems, the brave Ados miners went back into town, rescuing their lives from their certain deaths. Now the dungeon is covered and crowded by all of their former enemies and they hope, that these will never leave the dungeon again and attack their city.

They risked their lives, they wanted to keep the treasure safe and hoped to bring it back home one time but all of their efforts didn't succeed at the end. Maybe you can help these poor people now and get some revenge back for them. Find the secret treasures of Ados Abandoned Keep!


Ados Abandoned Keep is one of the biggest and deepest dungeons in whole Faiumoni. Within the same time: one of the most dangerous ones! For making your way to the floors, be prepared with food, potions, drinks and some nice equipment which will defend you well! Watch out, be careful but have fun!

First Floor

On the first floor, which is the one you enter with using the stairs in Ados mountain, you find some creatures of the Orc-family. One of his members, Zogfang, waits for able bodied warriors to defeat the remaining dwarves in his area around. If you are brave enough you might want to help him and proof, that you are one of these he is searching for! If you need some new equipment you will have the chance to buy some by Hagnurk, who is an expert on blue items of all kind.

But these aren't the only inhabitants living on the first floor. Some dwarves and ogres found their way there, too! That is also why Zogfang needs some help. If you turn yourself to the east, you'll meet some dwarves who sneak around their boss, Dhohr Nuggetcutter. He waits in his little blacksmith corner and keeps some lovely blinking stones save.

Second Floor

The Second Floor is the living place of the duergar soldiers. They crowd the place all over and try to make their way up to the third floor where dwarves settled down. Don't be confused about the nice furniture these duergars own, they seem to be quite aesthetic - unfortunately they hate visitors in their rooms. Their king whose brother takes care of Hunel in Semos Dungeons, commanded to his loyal inferiors that they have to keep the floor clean, otherwise they'll get into deep trouble with him.

The whole floor contains 9 single rooms with several duergars in, such as normal duergars, duergar elites, duergar heroes and many more. A more detailed list can be found on the bottom of this page. Maybe you're lucky here and find one of the rare Durin axes, keep your eyes open for it!

Third Floor

The third floor is crowded by dwarves all over! If you carry some items which you don't need any longer, you might ask Ritati Dragontracker for buying some. He buys odds and ends cause noone else does. At a certain stage you might need his help for buying some of his specials for finishing a mystical item and help Ida with that.

Fourth Floor

In the fourth floor you'll meet the mighty throne room of the dwarves who guard them with their lifes. If you need some excellent quality weapons and armor, you might take a look at the blackboard of Gulimo, the famous dwarvish seller who is into all kind of shadow equipment.

On your way to the next stairs which will guide you down to the fifth floor, some mithrilbourgh knights and their mithrilbourgh sergeant are in position for keeping visitors away from the secret treasure of their dungeon. Are you able to visit the secret treasure rooms?

Fifth Floor

Now you found it: the mighty treasure of Ados Abandoned Keep. Well guarded on the fifth floor of the whole dungeons. The mithrilbourgh army captured it and keep it save in their hands now. If you are strong enough, you'll get the chance of taking a look at it and maybe grab some of the lovely glittering mithril nuggets, gold nuggets, all kind of gemstones and rare material like iron ore.

But take care: the treasure is under the blinking eyes of the great Lord Durin who just walks a few stairs away from you!

Sixth Floor

The sixth floor is the most dangerous one in whole Ados Abandoned Keep. The mighty Lord Durin, his best friends two dwarf golems and two green dragons reign over the rest of the floors - although they are far down under the earth. Loyal Dwarves make gifts to their chief each day for keeping him calm and gain his respect. Whatever comes close to him is doomed! Make sure you're ready for fighting against him and his entourage!


Zogfang, an old orc who needs help fighting the dwarves (first floor)
Hagnurk, an orcish salesman (first floor)
Ritati Dragontracker, a dwarf buying odds and ends (third floor)
Gulimo, a dwarf selling good quality armor and weapons (fourth floor)
First floor
mountain orc warriors, mountain orcs, mountain orc hunters, mountain orc chiefs
superogres, ogre soldiers
mountain dwarves, mountain elder dwarves, mountain leader dwarves, mountain hero dwarves, Dhohr Nuggetcutter
Second floor
duergar kings, black duergars, duergar heroes, duergar elites, duergar wizards, eldar duergars
Third floor
mountain dwarves, mountain elder dwarves, mountain leader dwarves, mountain hero dwarves, mountain dwarf guardians
Fourth floor
mountain elder dwarves, mountain leader dwarves, mountain hero dwarves
mithrilbourgh sergeants, mithrilbourgh knights
Fifth floor
mithrilbourgh lieutenants, mithrilbourgh generals, mithrilbourgh knights, mithrilbourgh colonels, mithrilbourgh wizards, mithrilbourgh elite archers
Sixth floor
green dragons
dwarf golems
Lord Durin

Information for Players

Player Level
55 (first till fourth floor) - 400 (fifth + sixth floor)

Photo Gallery

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